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Q: Is the oil water electricity to house 1 2 3 possible?
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Is it possible to separate oil from water with electricity?

no it is not possible period.

How do you use water electricity?

Electricity is electricity . . . it does not matter whether it was created by falling water, burning coal or oil, or by a nuclear power plant.

What is the different between oil in water emulsion and water in oil emulsion?

If it were a cream for example water-in-oil * warmer to the skin * does not conduct electricity *Can be dyed with Sudan III *Cannot be with Food colouring oil-in-water *cooler to the touch *conducts electricity *not dyed by Sudan III *can be dyed with food colouring

Will mustard oil conduct electricity and why?

yes the same as water.

Is Uzbekistan a country?

No because it has enough money, water, oil and electricity.

What are the advantages of oil-natural gas?

the advantage of oil is it generates lots of electricity in one place and the advantage of gas is you use it in alot of house things like cooker and for your boiler to heat the water up for a bath and things

Is it possible to thin out oil paint with water?


Does home heating oil conduct electricity as well as unfiltered well water?


Will you run out of supplies like oil gases coal and water for electricity?


What would conduct electricity when mixed with water salt oxygen sugar or oil?


Would salt sugar oil or oxygen conduct electricity when mixed with water?


How is oil used to form electricity?

Oil is burned in a furnace as fuel to produce heat. Running through the furnace is a series of pipes containing water. The water turns to steam with the heat - which is then used to turn turbines. The turbines generate the electricity.