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Q: Is the percent of ocean on earth 70 percent or 75 percent?
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Related questions

Is 70 percent or 75 percent of the body mostly water?

70 percent of Earth is mostly covered in water

How much is eatrhs water is salt water locatedin the ocean?

we learned this in science. 70 to 75 percent of salt water covers the earth. hope this helped.

What percent of earth's water is found in the pacific ocean?


Does water take up 75 percent of the earth?

Estimates vary, but somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of the Earth's surface is covered in water. This does not include the polar icecaps. === ===

What is 70 percent of 75 dollars?

70 percent or.7 of $75 = .7 x 75 = $52.50

What percent of 70 is 75?

75 is 107% of 70. Seventy percent of 75 is 67.5.

How much is 70 percent of 75?

70% of 75 = 75*70/100 = 52.5

How much percent does the deep ocean account for of earth's surface?

Although we don't know the exact answer to the question, we think that about 70-75% of water makes up the Earths crust.

Do oceans cover about 75 percent of the entire earth?

Yes, the oceans cover approximately 70% of the earth's surface.

What is 75 percent of 70?

75% of 70 is 0.75 x 70 = 57.5 = 57 ½.

Do you have 75 percent of water around us?

I think it is said that ~70% of the earth's surface is water. 75% is close enough an estimate

What is 70 percent of 75?

70% of 75 = 70% * 75 = 0.7 * 75 = 52.5

What letter grade is 7 out of 10?

70 percent or a C

What comes past the Earth every 70-75 years?

What comes past the Earth every 70-75 years?

What percent of the world is ocean?

75% of Earth is water... 97% of the water is salt water... So if you know how much water is on Earth multiply that by .75 then multiply your answer by .97...There's the answer to your question whether you wanted a mathematical number or a percent.

75 percent of Earth is made up of what?

Water, and it's actually around 70%.

Is 75 percent of the water on earth fresh water?

Well 70% of earth's surface area is made out of water 97% of that 70% is salt water So no, 75% of earths water is not fresh water only 3%

How much of earth is covered by land and oceans?

(all of it) Most of it is ocean. In fact, 70-75% is water and 20% is land

How many percent of water you have on earth?

75 percent

A large body of salt water the earth contains four that together cover 75 percent of the planets surface?


What is the percent of increase from 40 to 70?


What is 30 percent off of 75.00?

Thirty percent of 75 is 75*0.30 = 22.5, so thirty percent off of 75 is75 - 22.5 = 52.5It's the same thing as 70% of 75, since 70%+30% = 100%

Different kinds of ecosystems?

There are many different types of ecosystems on earth that are categorized into three major classes of ecosystems that include freshwater, ocean, and terrestrial. Ocean ecosystems are the largest covering 75 percent of the earth.

What percentage of the world is water 30 percent 60 percent 70 percent or 80 percent?

3/4th or 70 - 75% of the surface of the world is water.

What percentage of precipitation falls on the ocean?

75 percent