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Q: Is the plus sign 2 forms of vertical angles?
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Related questions

Does the plus sign form 2 congruent angles or 2 vertical angels?

Neither. It forms 4 congruent angles and, as far as I am aware, no angels.

Does a plus sign form 2 vertical angles and 2 congruent angles?

yes it does.Everyone knows that.

What are two pairs of vertical angles formed by intersecting lines?

Two pairs of vertical angle formed by intersecting lines is a plus sign or an x. something that looks like this, but with the lines completely touching: +x

How can there be 2 congruent angles in a plus sign?

yes of course! it is made of two right angles

What perpendicullar lines?

If you are asking what are perpindicular lines, they are two lines that cross to form right angles, or 90 degree angles. An example of this is a plus sign (+). The two lines forming the plus sign are perpindicular to each other.

How can a plus sign make two congruent angles?

well, a + has four 90 degree angles, so therefore, there are 4 congruent angles, however you can say that any 2 of these angles are congruent.

Why does a stop sign not have angles?

A stop sign DOES have angles so I pray that you do not drive!

How do you draw perpendicular lines?

Perpendicular lines meet each other at right angles as for example the plus sign +

Can an X be perpendicular?

no because the angles in the X are not 90 degrees. a + would be perpendicular though because all four of the angles in the plus sign are exactly 90 degrees.

How do you tell if two lines are prependicular by looking at their slopes?

if they cross with 90 degree angles.+(it will look like a plus sign.)

Does the plus sign form 2 pairs of congruent angles?

of course dumb dumb. Laugh out loud(lol)smiley face

What is the math symbol for an vertical angle?

The sign for a vertical angle is......(I don't know actually >.

If 2 diameters of a circle are perpendiculato each othercan you figure out the meausers of the other two angles?

If any two lines are perpendicular as in a plus + sign all four angles are 90 degrees.

When texting what does surrounding a word with a plus sign mean such as When plus sign we plus sign laugh or When plus sign you plus sign shout?

It's a way of emphasizing the word. In your examples, "When +we+ laugh" or "When +you+ shout" is similar to saying "When *we* laugh" or "When YOU shout."

What are the characteristics of two intersecting lines?

It depends you want. For instance, if you were to draw the plus sign then all angles are 90 degrees. There are 2 lines of symmetry. Furthermore, there are 2 straight angles. To conclude there are many characteristics.

What does meaning of plus sign in hospitals?

The plus sign is used to indicate a pharmacy.And the aid sign

What is the sun's plus sign?

There is no such thing as a Sun's plus sign in astrology.

What does a vertical rectangle street sign stand for?

A vertical rectangle street sign is general information. Such as speed limit 30 miles an hour. Reduce speed ahead.

What does the dollar sign look like?

The dollar sign is this: $An S with a vertical line through the center

What shape is a speed limit sign?

Vertical triangular shape.

What is the plus sign called in Excel?

It has no special name. It is just the plus sign.

What are perpandiculer lines?

First of all, it is spelled perpindicular, not perpandiculer. Secondly, perpindicular lines are two lies that cross forming right angles, or 90 degree angles. For example, the two lines forming a plus sign are perpindicular.

What is the math definition of term?

A mathematical expression that forms part of a fraction or proportion, is part of a series, or is associated with another by a plus or minus sign.

What is the symbol S with a vertical line through it?

This is the sign for American Dollars ($) This is the sign for AmericaThis is the sign for American Dollars ($) n Dollars ($)

What is the additive of -4?

If you mean the ADDITIVE INVERSE, change the minus sign to a plus sign. (And if you see a plus sign, you change it to a minus sign.)