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Only if you have just two fractions.

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Q: Is the product of two denominators always a common denominator?
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What circumstances is the product of the denominators the least common denominator?

If the GCF of the denominators is 1, the least common denominator is their product.

If two fraction have unlike denominators then the LTD is the product of their denominations?

Answer: I assume you are talking about the least common denominator. If you multiply the denominators, you will get a common denominator. This will always work, if you need to add, subtract, or compare fractions. However, the common denominator you thus get will not always be the LEAST common denominator. Examples: * For denominators 7 and 11, the least common denominator is, indeed, the product (77). * For denominators 4 and 6, the product is 24, but the least common denominator is 12. * The difference can be more extreme, too; for denominators 100 and 200, the product is 20,000, but the least common denominator is only 200. * Or even more extreme: if both fractions have the denominator 551, the product is 303,601. The least common denominator, of course, is just 551. Answer: I am not sure but it's Lcd

What two denominators have no common denominator?

Every set of denominators has a common denominator, even if it's only their product.

Where to find common denominators?

Multiply any two denominators together. Their product will be a common denominator of them both.

What is the common denominator for 1734 and 15?

You can always find a common denominator by multiplying the denominators together.

The product of multiplying 2 or more denominators?

That's a common denominator.

What I there is isn't a lowest common denominator for a fraction?

There is always an LCD for a set of fractions, even if it's only the product of the denominators.

If two fractions have unlike denominators then is the Lcd the product of their denominators?

Not necessarily. The product of their denominators is a common denominator, but might not be the smallest. For instance, the LCD of one tenth and one twentieth is 20.

How are common denominator and common multiple alike?

Common denominators are common multiples of two or more denominators.

What do you do when you mutpiling fractions with common dennmonters?

Exactly the same as you do when multiplying fractions with different denominators. -- Multiply numerators . . . the product is the numeratore of the answer. -- Multiply denominators . . . the product is the denominator of the answer.

What is the common denominator for 5 7 9 11?

these are all prime numbers so if they are denominators, the least common denominator would be their product. 5x7x9x11 = 3465

What is the least common denominator of two fractions?

The least common denominator is the least common multiple of the denominators of the fractions.

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