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I have never heard anyone call it 'graph paper' and since it doesn't already have a graph on it, the proper term would be 'graphing paper.'

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Q: Is the proper term graph paper or graphing paper?
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What is the difference between graphing a line and graphing an inequality?

when graphing a line you simply plot the points based on the ordered pairs and connect the dots; there you have a line. An inequality graph refers to the shaded region of the coordinate plane that does not coincide with the line, hence the term, inequality.

What is bar graphing?

A bar graph is an alternative term for a bar chart, a graph in the form of boxes of different heights, with each box representing a different value or category of data, and the heights representing frequencies.

What is the proper term for the pictures produced by x-rays?

They are technically a radio-graph image

How do you spell paiperman?

The spelling of the common term (paper delivery person) is paper man, or paper boy.The proper name (notably Nevel on ICarly) is spelled Papperman.

What is line graph in geographical term?

it is still a line graph

What is the term for 'to graph a point'?

To graph a point is to plot a point on a chart, graph, grid, etc.

Why do you need to have term paper?

Paper is not the term, its a term. For example another word for paper is parchment. It's a fancy way of saying it. Remember paper is a term not the term.

What is the math term for table?


What is the top of a graph called?

What do you mean by "top of the graph"? Do you mean the highest value? The top of the graph is called "the top of the graph" There's no term for it.

What is the proper term for squashed together?

the proper term is: compacted

What is the term for the x-coordinate on a graph?


What does the math term graph mean?

it means that you are plotting the points on a graph, or XY coordinate plane