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No Because Horses, Chickens, Sheep, Ducks, and Geese are only farm animals.

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Q: Is the set of cats a part of the whole set of farm animals?
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What is a animal husbanding?

To care for animals, particularly farm animals that are part of an agricultural enterprise.

What part do the pigs play in harvest in ''Animal Farm''?

"Animal Farm "is a classic novel about farm animals. The pigs play the role of directing other animals once the harvest begins.

What word means farm animal or part ownership in a corporation?

what word means farm animals or part ownership in a corporation this question have the some meaning?

How smart is a tiger compared to other animals?

VERY SMART! cats are very smart animals and tigers are part of the cat family :)

Are dogs farm animals?

Not typically, no. Dogs, though they can be regarded as part of the farm if they reside on a farm, are more of a companion animal than a farm animal. Even if they are used for work than for pleasure like those dogs that live in cities and towns.

How do you find a proportion?

Well, it really is quite simple. The definition of proportion is finding two ratios that are equal. So for example, if the ratio of dogs to cats was 4:5 and there were 20 animals in total, and you needed to figure out how many dogs there are, then you would first have to figure out if it was a part to part or a part to whole. This is a part to part. Then you would write out your proportion- which in this case would be 4 = x For every 5 cats, there are 4 dogs, so you would find your answer. --- --- 5 20

Which animal is useful in many ways?

Useful to what - all animals are the product of evolution and therefore part of the ecosystem and play a vital part in it.

Is methane causing a problem if so what is making it?

Yes it is its all part of golbel warming it comes from farm animals (cows) ect. It is part of the resoan why we have golbel warming.

What are the parts of speech in the sentence The animals were thrilled?

"the animals were thrilled" the whole thing is a part of a speech LOL jokes i don't know hehe

What are cons of having wild animals as pets?

Wild animals do not make good pets because they do not ever consider the human as part of their family. Dogs and cats are social animals, and think of the human as a sibling or parent - we have selected the friendliest dogs and cats over thousands of years so that they will be good pets.

How did Michael Jackson own big cats without being hurt?

They were a part of his zoo so they were caged and he hired people who are trained to look after such animals.

Why is there a taboo against eating dogs and cats?

In the Western culture, dogs and cats are often kept inside of the home and are considered domestic animals (as pets, not wild). Culturally, they are seen as companions and some even include their pets as part of their family. Therefore, the cultural acceptance of cats and dogs in Western society has elevated their status. They are considered "above" animals that are slaughtered for their meat.