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no it broke on me after having it for 6 months. buy a warrior revo 2.0 or pro that's the best

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Q: Is the stx bionic head a good defensive head?
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Gait havoc or stx bionic?

stx bionic

Can you put an stx bionic lacrosse head on an stx al 6000 pro shaft?

i wouldn't see why not

Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a STX crank shaft 7075?

No. The Crankshaft 7075 only works with specific heads, and a Bionic won't fit right.

What is better warrior mojo or stx bionic?

tough choice but i personally like the mojo better than the bionic, but a good lacrosse player can play with any head or shaft

Can a stx head go on a brine shaft?

yes, i have a stx head on a brine shaft. yes, i have a stx head on a brine shaft.

Will a stx proton power head fit on a stx Sabre Stick?

yes, both stx

Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a Warrior Platinum shaft?

yes, you can but you might have too put some force into putting it on the shaft because the shaft has differant ridges but it will still fit "legally".

Which lacrosse head is better the STX deuce or STX viper 2?

viper 2

What is the best defensive lacrosse shaft?

The best d pole is for a beginner is the brine f15 for an intermidate is stx summit grip and expert stx sc ti pro

What is the best lacrosse head of 2012?

The STX STALLION, STX PROTON POWER, and STX SUPER POWER are the three most popular right now

What is the best type of women's lacrosse stick?

stx crux10 10degree head with stx ripple shaft

What is a good Lacrosse head for Middie or Attack?

if you like head with flex, the warrior evo pro 2.0 or the brin houdini x are good, but if you like a stiff head without flex, the nike lakota or stx surgeon are good.