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No. The sum is 25.65 . That's 2.6% more than 25 .

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Q: Is the sum 21.45 and 4.2 less than 25?
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There are 25 prime numbers less than 100 is their sum even or odd?

The sum of the 25 primes less than 100 is even (it is 1060).The first prime number is 2. Every other prime number is odd.So, of the 25 primes less than 100, one is even and 24 are odd.Any two odd numbers sum to an even number. Therefore, an even number of odd numbers has an even sum. So the sum of 24 odd numbers is even.Therefore, the sum of the 25 primes less than 100 is even.

Is the sum of 21.45 and 4.2 is less than 25?

No. 21.45 + 4.2 = 25.65

What odd number is divisible by 7 and is the sum of two and is less than 25 consecutive numbers?

All odd numbers are the sum of two consecutive numbers. Odd multiples of 7 less than 25 are 7 and 21.

What integer is 25 less than -25?

-50 is 25 less than -25

Why is 25 an abundant number?

25 is not an abundant number because the sum of its divisors is less than half of 25. The lowest odd abundant number is 945.

What is 25 less than 50?

25 less than 50 is the same as 50 - 25 = 25.

Is 25 less than 35?

Yes, 25 is less than 35.

What is 19 less than 25?

6 is 19 less than 25.

The sum of the squares of two numbers is four less than the sum of one hundred plus half a hundred What are the two numbers?

The two numbers are five and eleven. 5*5=25 and 11*11=121 and 25+121=146 which is four less than 100+50 which is 150.

The number is less than 20 greater than 40 is not divisible by 2 3 or 7 is not a prime number the sum is not 8?

No number is less than 20 and greater than 40, but if you switch them around, your answer is 25.

How much less than 81 is 25?

25 is 56 less than 81.

What fraction is less than 25?

7/8 is a fraction which is less than 25.

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