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The sum is the total or answe of an addition problem, YES!

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Q: Is the sum also known as the total?
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Is the total known as a sum?


What is the sum of currents is known as?

Total current.

What sum is the sum of a and d?

Unless the values of the things will no be know things, then the sum will also not be known

What is the numerical average of a group of number?

The numerical average of a group of numbers is the ratio of the sum of group of numbers to the total amount of numbers. This is also known as the mean.

What is the formula for calculating total debt ratio?

Sum of all liabilities divided by sum of equity. E.g.: A company owes £150,000 as a bank loan, and has a share capital of £1,000,000. The debt/equity ratio is 15 per cent. This ratio is also known as "gearing" or "leverage".

What is the total amount kinetic and potential energy in a system?

The sum of both is known as "mechanical energy".

What is another way to say plus?

also, in addition, sum, total

What is the sum of all body chemistry?

The sum total of all the chemical reactions in the body is known as metabolism.

What is the homophone for some?

The homophone is Sum. Sum is also known in math. Here is an example: 4+5=9. 9 is the sum of 4 and 5.



What is the difference between the sum and the total?

what is the meaning of sum? and total

What is the output of the following program int total int sum equals total total equals 100 print sum equals percent d total equals percent d sum total?

Translation of question: int total; int sum = total; total = 100; print("sum = %d, total = %d\n", sum, total ); The output is undefined because you used total before initialising it. However, if we assume total is initialised to zero, then the output would be: sum = 0, total = 100