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Q: Is the thermostat in your house an example of positive or negative?
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Where can you find positive and negative numbers in your house?

Positive numbers, on your door. Negative in your freezer.

How you can use negative numbers around the house?

by using the thermostat

What is a negative connotation for house?

Well, a negative connotation of house might be 'shack', and a positive connotation can be 'mansion'.

Is the green house effort positive or negative thing?


What is the connotation positive and negative for the word servant?

In the United States, generally negative. Americans associate having house servants with slavery, which gives the practise a negative connotiation. In other cultures, it can be more positive, especially when the servant is not a house servant. "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" or "Civil Servant" do not have the negative connotation.

What does your body maintain though negative feedback?

Your body maintains homeostasis through negative feedback. This somewhat like using a thermostat to maintain a narrow range of temperature in the house.

Why does the thermostat keeps turning on and off?

Because that is its job! A thermostat is a device that measures the temperature of a given space or volume, and turns heating / cooling devices on and off accordingly. The thermostat in your house is designed to turn the heating off when the house is warm and turn it on when the house is cold. The thermostat in your car turns the radiator fan on when the oil / water temperature increases to a level that could be damaging to the engine (if you are stuck in traffic for example)

Can you get insurance assistance to put a lift in your house?

A neutron. Those with a negative charge are electrons, and those with a positive charge are protons.

How do you regulate a programable thermostat for the house?

I have a programable thermostat but do not know how to regulate it.

Connected the house battery in a motor home wrong connected the positive and negative to the positive termimal and the ground to the negative Did I ruin the battery?

No, not the battery. But anything that has a diode, transistor or is in any other way dependent on polarity may be fried... including your alternator.

How is your endocrine system like the thermostat in your house?

The negative feedback system. It works much the way a thermostat works. When the temperature in a room drops below a set level, the thermostat signals the furnace to turn on. Once the furnace has raised the temp in the room to the set level, the thermostat signals the furnace to shut off. It will continue to stay off until the thermostat signals that the temp has dropped again.

What common household process if often compared to the way the endocrine system maintains homeostasis?

The common household process that is often compared to the way the endocrine system maintains homeostasis is a furnace thermostat on the wall of a house. In a house a thermostat is set at a specific temperature. When the temperature in the house falls below this designated temperature, the thermostat is triggered and signals the furnace to turn on and begin heating the house. Once the temperature of the house is above the designated temperature, the thermostat signals the furnace to turn off. This process is called negative feedback. The endocrine also works in a negative feedback system to maintain homeostasis. An example of negative feedback in the endocrine system is the regulation of calcium levels. Parathyroid glands release parathyroid hormone (PTH), which regulates the blood calcium levels. If there is a decrease in blood calcium the parathyroid glands will secrete more PTH. Then the PTH stimulates the release of calcium from the bones into the bloodstream. If blood calcium levels increase too much, the parathyroid glands will reduce their production of PTH and less calcium will be released from the bones.