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Q: Is the ultimate victim of a bad check is society as a whole true or false?
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True or false. The ultimate victim of a bad check is society as a whole?


If an Officer only Interviews the victim and the aggressor and the officer arrests the victim due to the aggressors false statements is that false arrest?

That never happens

What is a victimless crime?

A victimless crime is a term applied to a crime which generally has no direct victim, (e.g.: as in the crime of illegal possession of drugs). Victimless crimes must be truly victimless. In many ways, a false statement offense is considered a victimless crime, but in which, society at large becomes the victim. The victim, for purposes of a victimless crime, is the societal interest that has been harmed.

True or false democracy flourished in medieval society?

false :)

Can a victims communication with the victim adovcate be considered confidential for the purposes of the ucmj?


True or false Aryan society was very similar to Harappan society?


When the choking victim becomes unconscious CPR should be started without checking the pulse true or false?

The statement is false. CPR should only begin if the patient has stopped breathing or if their heart has stopped beating. While it is likely that a choking victim has ceased breathing if they have lost consciousness, it is not an absolute indicator.

What is the ulimate goal of the society in Fahrenheit 451?

In Fahrenheit 451, the ultimate goal of society is to maintain control and conformity through censorship and suppression of free thought. The government aims to eliminate any challenging or controversial ideas that may disrupt the stability of society. The goal is to create a false sense of happiness and keep individuals ignorant of the harsh realities of their world.

Is a victims communication with the Victim Advocate confidential for purposes of the Uniform Code of Militrary Justice?

False -

What is the false face society of the Iroquois?

The False Face Society was a society when someone was sick and they had a dream of a false face (or a monster of some sort) the False Face Society would come into the cabin in which the sick person would live and perform a ritual with their false faced masks and then the sick person would become part of the society and would have to carve the face they saw in their dream on the tree and while they were carving someone would chant a ritual and when they were done they would take it off the tree and make it into a mask.

Why should government put a check on media?

The government should put a check on media to control rumors and fake issues that disappoints the nation and our society environment.

True or false do the judicial Branch has no check on the other branches?