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no because volume is height times width times depth so it is 6 times 6 times 6 which equals 216

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Q: Is the volume of a cube with sides measuring 6 m is 36 m?
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How do you measure for a cubic yard?

It is the volume of a cube with sides that have a length of 1 yard. (3 feet or 36 inches or 0.9144 meters)

What is the volume of a cube with a side of 6 cm?

36 cm2

How many different cuboids are there in a volume of 36 cube?


What is the smallest perfect cube box that will fit 3 sets of 36 blocks?

Required volume = 3*36 = 108 Cube options: 43 = 64 < 108 < 125 = 53 So a perfect cube box, with sides of length 5 units would be the smallest suitable box.

The volume of a cube is 27 What is the sum of the length of all its edges?


What is the volume of a cube with a surface area of 36 cm2?

216 cc

What is the side of a cube whose volume is 46656 cm3?

It is: 36 cm

How many squares are on a rubics cube?

there are 9 squares each side and there are 6 sides so there are 36 squares in a rubics cube.

What is the volume of the smallest cube containing the sphere if the sphere has a volume of 36 pi cubic centimeters?

216 cubic centimeters

How many colored squares are there in a Rubik's Cube?

someone wrote 36 but that means it would only have 4 sides lol a rubix cube has 6 sides and therefore 9 squares x 6 sides = 54 answer is a rubix cube has 54 colored squares

What is the radius of a sphere when the volume is 36?

Radius is the cube root of (36*3)/(4*pi) = 2.04835219 units or about 2.05 units

What is the surface area of a 6 cm cube?

assuming you mean the cube has 6cm sides....each face of the cube has an area of 6cm x 6cm = 36cm2A cube has 6 faces so the total surface area is 6 x 36 = 216cm2

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