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one trillion and one

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Q: Is the whole number after a trillion?
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What is after one trillions?

As a whole number, 1 trillion and one.

What is 6 trillion as an integer?

It is: 6,000,000,000,000 as an integer or whole number

What number comes after trillion?

A trillion one. A trillion times a thousand is a quadrillion.

How many zeros are in a trillion with decimals?

There are 12 0s in a trillion - before the decimal point. Since a trillion is a whole number, there is no need for 0s after the decimal point. If you do have 0s after the decimal point, there can by any number that you like and so the question cannot be answered.

Is a trillion a number?

Yes it is a number, a trillion is 1012.

What is a big integer?

An integer is a whole number, in other words, a number that is not a fraction. One trillion would generally be considered big.

How do you write 1.9 trillion in number?

As a number it is: 1,900,000,000,000 = 1.9 trillion

What is the highest trillion number?

9 trillion

What number is after trillion?

a trillion and one maybe.............

What number came after trillion?

A trillion and one

Is there a number that comes after trillion?

A trillion and 1

What is the next number after a trillion?

What is the next number after a trillion? Its Quadrillion

What comes after a trillion?

Quadrillion comes after trillion. If you add one to a trillion, the number becomes a trillion and one, a trillion and two, etc.

What number is after a hundred trillion?

Hundred trillion and one

Is a number with 12 zeros a billion or a trillion?

A trillion.

Is there a number a million trillion?

A million trillion is a quintillion.

What is the number after ten trillion?

ten trillion and one

How do you write trillion in a number?

One trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

How do you know what number comes after trillion?

A trillion and one.

How many zeros in trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion?

There are 168 zeros in 14 trillions * * * * * Only partly correct. The number in question is trillion14 which is not 14 trillion. 14 trillion is "only" 14,000,000,000,000

Is there such a number as 6 trillion trillion?

No. there is not such thing as the number 6 trillion trillion. There is a trillion and 6 trillion, but not 6 trillion trillion In addition: You could do 6 trillion trillions, which would be (6.0 x 1012) x (1.0 x 1012) = 6.0 x 1024 Also known as 6 septillion :)

What number comes after quin trillion?

Since there is no such number as a quin trillion, it is difficult to answer the question.

How many numbers are in 1 trillion?

1 trillion is only one number: and that number is one trillion!The number comprises 13 digit.

What number comes after a trillion one?

A trillion and two duh

How many cars in the whole world?

A trillion

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