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No, but there are different "levels" of infinity eg countably infinite, uncountably infinite, etc.

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Q: Is there a bigger number than infinity?
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Is there a number bigger than infinity?

No, there isn't a number bigger than infinity. Infinity is well, infinite, so it never finishes.

Is googleplex bigger than infinfty?

No. A number can never be bigger than infinity.

What is larger a googleplex or infinity?

"Googolplex" is a definite number. "Infinity" is bigger than any definite number, so it's bigger than a googolplex. No number is bigger than infinity. The only we can add to that is a suggestion that you learn how to spell "googolplex".

What is bigger than the seventh number?

eight through infinity

How much is infinity dollars?

"Infinity" literally means "bigger than any possible number."

Is infinity bigger than a googolplex?

No googolplex is a number however infinity is not it is a word or a symbol

Is infinity bigger than Google?

Yes infinity is bigger than Google infinity used where we can not measure things, but in Google we can measure.

Is any number bigger than infinity?

No there isn't Infinity is an unending thing, never ends, keeps going and goin!

Is bajillion a real number and how big is it?

Yes it is a real number and it is a number bigger than infinity by a whole lot!

Is infinity a bigger number than googol?

Yes. Googol is 1 followed by 100 zeros, but infinity is without any limit.

How many 0s are in infinity beyond?

None. . . To explain "infinity" ( AKA ∞ ). Think of the biggest number you can possibly think of. Now just know that my infinity is bigger than your number! :P Understand?

Are there numbers bigger than infiniti?

Because infinity is not a number, this question is incorrect. You may think of infinity as something that has no bounds and gets larger and larger.

What is the world biggest number?

There is no biggest number. For every number there is a bigger number. Take any number, call it r. Then r+1 is bigger than r. So there can be no biggest number, since you can always add one to any number. Infinity is bigger than all the natural numbers (numbers like 1,2,3. . . ) and all the real numbers (numbers like 1.23456436435. . . . , 1/2, 145.9879845. . . ), but there are numbers that are bigger than infinity. Imagine you had infinity objects. Then count all the possible groupings of those objects, (for example, the third object by itself could be one grouping, and the first, third and fourth together could be another grouping). The number of possible groupings of the infinity objects is bigger than the number of objects.

What is bigger infinity or googolplex?

Infinity is bigger.

What is bigger -3 or -5?

-5 has a larger magnitude. It depends on your definition of "bigger". If you say bigger means "has a larger magnitude" then -5 is bigger than -3. If you say that if two numbers A and B are in the set of integers from negative infinity to positive infinity, then A is bigger than B if A is closer to positive infinity than B, this means that -3 is bigger than -5.

Which is bigger infinity or googol?

infinity is bigger than googol because infinity goes on forever and googol is a one with 100 zeros or 10 to the onehundreth power

Which number is larger infinity times infinity or infinity plus infinity?

To answer your question neither. They are the same because both answers are infinity. Infinity is the biggest number, but mainly just a concept. Nothing is bigger than it so if it was added or multiplied you would get the same answer because you can't go any higher.

What is bigger than infinity?

nothing. infinity is infinite which means it goes on for ever, there fore nothing is.

Is infinity a number and what value is it?

Infinity is any number greater than a number that already exists Infinity is any number greater than a number that already exists

What number is greater than infinity?

Infinity and 1

What are twenty numbers bigger than one?

1.1 to infinity

Is infinity a higher number than a Googolplex?

No infinity is smaller than googolplexian

How far is infinity?

Beyond a googleplex-even bigger then a graham's number.

Is there smallest neggative number and largest positive number?

No, there isn't, because for every positive number x you find, you have x+1 which will be bigger. This will be the same for every negative number y: y-1 will be smaller. You do however have infinity and -infinity, which are bigger respectively smaller than any number. But they are generally not considered as numbers themselves.

Is there a number higher than infinity?