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There's all sorts of mathematical equations, but they will give you an approximate only. There are too many variables to give an accurate formula. You can not look only at body weight, but need to take into account Muscle, fat, and bone density. Also wetsuit age/condition and diver's experience levels make a big difference. Best way is to try and see. Proper weighting for a person is proved when they can perform a safety stop (15ft / 5m) with no air in their jacket, and an empty (500psi) tank. I have found that any formula generally overweights people. As a general rule, most divers use about 10% of their body weight. Depending on the thickness of your wetsuit. Myself, wearing a 7/5mm suit, I use 17lbs. of weight. My body weight is 163. So... I recommend 10% of your body weight. (ps. I am also a Scuba Instructor) I too am a Dive Instructor, and feel most divers are overweighted. I've never found a formula that works, and say try it and see. I weigh 190lb, and with a full 7mm and hood, use 14lb. Experience and body makeup make a big difference.

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Q: Is there a mathematical formula for figuring out the proper amount of weight for diving?
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