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Yes, it is called the "Nezer Point".

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Q: Is there a name for the point where all three lines of the capital letter Y meet?
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How many lines can we drawn between three point not on the same line?

There are three lines.

Three line segments?

it is the point of a segment and three lines in it.

Why can three coplanar lines have zero one two or three points of intersection?

If all three lines are parallel, there are zero points of intersection. If all three lines go through a point, there is one point of intersection. If two lines are parallel and the third one crosses them, there are two. If the three lines make a triangle, there are three points.

Does three points intersect at a single point?

No, only three lines can intersect at a single point.

How do you sketch a three planes whose intersection is a point?

If you draw a capital "Y" with say each angle = 120 degrees, then the three lines will represent where the edges of the planes meet each other and the centre point will be the vertex where the three planes intersect. You are basically looking at the corner of a cube at an angle. If you connect the ends of the three lines you will be looking down at a triangular pyramid (three faces with three edges and the vertex in the centre).

Three or more lines that intersect at a common point?

its the point of concurrency

What do you call the point of intersection of three concurrent lines?

the point of concurrency

Can three lines intersect a on point?

Yes, in Euclidean geometry, an infinite number of lines can meet at one point.

What are three or more lines that intersect at a common point called?

concurrent lines

When three or more lines intersect at one point then the lines are said to be?


Do three lines intersect in only one point?

It's possible, but for any three lines in the same plane, there could be ether one point of intersection (unlikely) or three (more probably).

When three or more lines join at one point the lines are said to be concurrent?