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This site is the closest one that I know of. The thing is that often times when problems are typed in, it really takes a human looking at it, to figure out what the questioner is asking.

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Q: Is there a website that you can type in a math problem and it will tell you how to do it?
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How can one tell when a math problem has no solution?

Depends on the type of math problem. there's usually an equation to see if there is a solution or not.

Where can you go to type in a math question and get an answer for it for FREE?

It depends what kind of math problem it is

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That type of math problem is called an algebraic equation.

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that's not a problem because it is already is simplest form did you miss type it?

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statistics ! A+..

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All math problems could if you put the number in the mixed number format.

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There are lots of simplifications. It really depends on the type of problem, though. Learn about math, and you will learn those simplifications gradually.

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