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There are bigger forms of parsecs. A kiloparsec is basically a parsec times 1000 or 1000 parsecs. For example a parsec is approximately 3.26 light years, a kiloparsec is about 3260 light years. So what ever number you have in parsecs you just times that by 1000 and that will give you kiloparsecs. "Kilo" means a thousand basically. There are also 2 other forms of measurements that are even bigger than a parsec and a kiloparsec. These measurements are megaparsecs and gigaparsecs. A megaparsec is a million parsecs and a gigaparsec is a billion parsecs. Astronomers usually measure the distance between galaxies in megaparsecs. Gigaparsecs can be used for galaxies or something that is much much farther away in our universe. Just to show you how big of a measurement a gigaparsec is; a gigparsec is approximately 19173528100000000000000 miles long. How do you say this number you ask? This number is one sextillion, nine hundred seventeen quintillion, three hundred fifty-two quadrillion, eight hundred ten trillion miles. The gigaparsec is the largest form of measurement that I know of. I thought that light years were long... King Kong aint got nothin on gigaparsecs.

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Q: Is there anything bigger than a parsec?
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