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49 is the square of 7. It is the Atomic number of Indium. the 49er refer to the Californian Gold Rush. The number of strings on a Harp. The International Direct Dial phone number for Germany. The 49th State is Alasksa. The divisers are 1, 7 and 49, it is a natural number following 48.....No nothing special here

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Q: Is there anything special about 49?
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Can 49 be divided by anything?

It can, of course, be divided by 1 and 49. It can also be divided by 7.

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What is the LCD of 7 and 49?

The least common denominator of 7 and 49 is 49. You can find this by realizing that 7 goes into 49 without any remainder. This means that anything that is divisible by 49 without a remainder is divisible by 7 without any remainder. So since we want the least common denominator of 7 and 49, we just have 49, 49/49=1 and 49/7=7.

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25% of anything is a quarter. Therefore - simply divide the 49 by 4 and you'll have your answer.

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