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Q: Is there such thing as a 4 and 5 cousin?
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Is there such a thing as a 'great cousin'?

A 'great cousin' is slang for your cousin's child also known as your Cousin Once Removed.

How do you become a great cousin?

If your cousin likes you and thinks you are great, then you are a great cousin. Otherwise, there is no such thing as a "great cousin."

Pokemon mrold how to get to the eleet 5?

there is no such thing as the elite 5 only the elite 4 there is no such thing as the elite 5 only the elite 4

What are the release dates for Cousin Bette - 1971 Family Angel 1-5?

Cousin Bette - 1971 Family Angel 1-5 was released on: UK: 4 September 1971 USA: 3 December 1972

Why would your cousin flirt with your crush?

Your cousin would flirt with your crush because: 1. your cousin likes your crush 2. your cousin really doesn't like you 3.he/she doesn't know that that's your crush 4. your cousin wants revenge 5.or another one but I don't feel it's right for me to say it

How tall is Terry Cousin?

Terry Cousin is 5' 9".

What happens if you like your Owen cousin?

It is OK to like your cousin. Your cousin is a relative and most people think liking your relatives is a good thing.

How do you scare your 5 year old girl cousin?

what are some fun things to do with your 5 year old cousin

Does Ronald Presley cousin to Elvis play a 4-string or 5-string bass?

Ronald Presley plays a 4 string bass...I know, I jam with him!

Is there such thing as cousin day?

yeah. its on july 24.

When will thing thing arena 4 be out?

That is unknown. But is will probably be a while because they are likely to make a thing thing 5 first.

Did the Jackson 5 have a cousin in the group?

the original "home band" had a cousin in it. but he left, then the original Jackson 5 became big.