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Q: Is there such thing as a half male half female?
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What is a aglute?

A half Ugly half cute female or male. This means that the male or female is not ugly but the male or female is not cute either. Founders of this word-Kristine ,Samantha, and Christina in Florida

What is half male half female human called?


What is the probability of becoming male or female?

there are half the chance of a female and half the chance of male so probabilty in both cases is 1/2

Does a male hamster have the thing driging behind him or does the female?

Both Male and Female do. its a tail

What is the description of asexual?

asexual is when a living thing has both male and female parts such as bacteria, they can split themselves in half to make an offspring.

Is Jesse McCartney half-male?

Yes, Jesse McCartney is half male, half female....he is also half platypus and half motor home.

Is there a such thing called a zorse?

Yes, its half zebra, half horse. To be more secific, its the offspring of a female horse and a male zebra. A hebra, is the other way round.

What is someone who is Half male and half female?

That person is obviously abnormal.

What is a male jenny called?

A jenny is a female donkey or a female wren. There is no such thing as a male jenny.

Is there such thing as a female cell and a male cell?

No,there is not such a thing such as male cell and female cell.

What are people who are half male and half female called?

A person born with both male and female parts in the genital and reproductive organs are called hermaphrodites or intersexed.

What is a male capuchin female called?

There is no such thing as a male female. Neither the male nor the female Capuchin monkey has a specific name. They are just monkeys.