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Q: Is there such thing as a number 1 pencil?
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What it the metal thing at the end of a pencil?

The metal thing on the end of the pencil is called a Ferrule!

Is 0.5 lead the same thing as a number 2 pencil?

Actually, what you are asking is referring to the hardness of the pencil. So both, 0.5mm and 0.7mm are the same hardness as number two pencils. The number of lead, 0.5, is a thinner lead in diameter to the 0.7.

Why is the number 2 pencil still number 2 if it is the most popular?

The 2 is the number of the lead in the pencil.

Are pencils a living thing?

If it was a living thing when you use your pencil it would cry and scream that you are hurting it. I can’t imagine what it would do in a pencil sharpener as a living thing.

What thing has no moving part?

A pencil.

What thing is skinny?

a twig, a pencil and me.

Explanation on the pencil?

A pencil is thing that you use to write stuff that you like! I hope it helps:)

If there is a number two pencil is there a number three pencil?

That would depend if the pencil were an H or a B. Artist pencils are identified with a number and a letter. H is for hard. A 6H pencil would be harder than a 4H pencil. B is for soft. A 6B pencil would be softer than a 4B pencil.

What does a pencil resistor do?

A Pencil Resistor is a thing that gives energy to something or anything that needs energy.

Which Indian pencil is equivalent to US pencil number 2?


What are facts about pencils?

The number or letter of your pencil is because of how the pencil is made.

What kind of pencils are good for sketching animals?

i like to use a good lead pencil number 1 because the lead isn't as hard as a number 2 pencil and therefore is easier to shade with. Good luck with your drawing!