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Q: Is there to prepare for a New Years parade John practiced marching and playing his tuba for 25 minutes He took a break and then practiced 55 more minutes How many minutes did John practice in all?
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To prepare for a New Yearโ€™s parade, John practiced marching and playing his tuba for 15 minutes. He took a break and then practiced 25 more minutes. How many minutes did Jordan practice in all?

To prepare for a New Year’s parade, John practiced marching and playing his tuba for 15 minutes. He took a break and then practiced 25 more minutes. How many minutes did Jordan practice in all?

Jason practiced playing his bassoon for 95 minutes this week he practiced 5 more minutes than 3 times the number of minutes he practiced last week how many minutes did Jason practiced this week?

As stated in the first part of the question, he practised "for 95 minutes this week".

Is important to practice endurance?

No, endurance itself is not something that can be practiced.You practice is exercising or playing your sport and over time this will serve to improve your endurance.

Is marching band a sport?

Yes, I am in my Schools Marching Band and we practice more than the football players, Marching is more than just holding and instrument up, playing, and moving, we also do visuals and go up to high speeds it is very difficult and even though a lot don't consider it a sport, I definitely would.

An band has marching but the orcheastra?

Orchestras play while sitting down. There's no marching while playing a cello.

Does playing the trumpet make you fit?

if ur in marching band

What is the secret of good guitar playing?

Practice, practice, practice!

Would a banjo play in a marching band or a orchestra?

Only if the music calls for a banjo. I wouldn't see them marching, but maybe standing in the pit playing a solo.

What is the difference in playing a marching snare drum and a concert snare drum?

the marching snare has a crisp loud noise as for a concert snare has more of a bass style

How do you practice playing baseball?

practice catching pop flys and low to the ground balls... practiced pitching and batting By Practing on a team or sign up at the Ymca {if u have one} for little league base ball

How can you get a guy in your section in marching band to notice you?

talk to him. you obviously have a instrument in common so use that as an excuse. ask him when the next practice is our if he thinks your playing the right notes. its not that hard. band guys arent that hard to approach.

How do you play oh when the saints go marching in on recorder?

You don't; you stop playing the recorder and start playing a real instrument

Could you be in the marching band and have asthma?

It will be hard but it can be done. If you are a dancer you cant tho. But to play an instruments its fine. All it is is playing and marching. Nothing else. Im in marching band and have asthma. By the way just playing and marching is harder than it sounds, it is also more than nothing else. You have to think about where you are going and at what speed when. If you are not doing a wind instrument its a little easier because you dont use breath to play. It can be done

How do you improve of playing soccer?

Practice, practice practice! You can usually google good ways to practice.

How did paul mccartney get so good at playing the piano?

Practice and a passion for playing. That passion allowed him to practice a lot, and practice makes perfect.

What did shakespeare do before becoming a playwright?

he practiced for playing paino

How can you improve left hand piano bass line playing coordination while the right hand is playing the melody?

Practice, practice and more practice.

How can you improve your Poker playing?

practice playing with your mates

What is a good way to practice singing and playing guitar at the same time?

A good way is to practice singing the song until you know it well, then practice playing the song. When you can play it well, work on singing and playing together.

In what area of the world is atheism practiced?

Atheism is not practiced anywhere. It is not a practice. It should not be viewed in religious terms. Atheism is the lack of, or the absence of belief in gods and that can happen anywhere in the world.Think of it this way- not playing golf is not a different sport. Following that example, atheism is a lack of religion and not a different religion.

Why is Alex Rodriguez good at baseball?

Because he has a lot of natural skill. He was good when he was young when he did not practice much. He knew he had a lot of skill and excelled at baseball to take away the absence of his father leaving. He has done a lot and tried hard to be as best as he can. He practiced and practiced and kept playing. That is what made him good at baseball.

How do you get back to playing good soccer after awhile of not playing it like six months?

I reckon just practice your kicks, and basically anything that you would do in a soccer game. Get your mojo back yeah? Practice, practice, practice is the key.

Is playing a game for five minutes playing the game?


Whiat is better Physical practice of a sport Mental Practice of a sport or no practice at all?

mentally preparing for a sport is important, but physically playing it to get the muscles trained to do the motions of playing is far greater.

What is a bass drum holder called?

For stationary playing, the bass drum is held in a Stand. For marching, the term is "sling".

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