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No because no 2 numbers can be squared to equal 4. 1 squared is 1 2 squared is 4 so the lowest answer is 5.

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Q: Is this equation linear X squared plus y squared equals 4?
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Related questions

Is x squared plus 7x-30 equals 0 a linear equation?

No, It's a a quadratic equation because you have X squared.

Is 4y squared plus 9 equals - 4 a linear equation?

No. It's a quadratic equation, and it has two solutions.

Is x plus y2 equals 25 a linear equation?

No, not if the y is squared. When graphed the equation will not form a straight line.

Is y equals 3x squared plus 1 a linear equation?

No. Y=3X2+1 is a Binomial Equation.

The position of an object starting from rest is described by the equation x equals 0.5at2 where x and t are measured variables Determine a based on the equation y equals mx plus b?

X equals 0.5at squared is a quadratic equation. It describes a parabola. Y equals mx plus b is a linear equation. It describes a line. You cannot describe a parabola with a linear equation.

Is four y squared plus nine equals 4 a linear equation?

No, it is not.No, it is not.

Is x squared plus 3x -y 8 a linear equation?


Does the equation a squared plus b squared equals c squared classify as a quadratic equation?


Is 3x plus 27 equals 8 a quadratic function?

No it is a linear one. X^2 = quadratic, x = linear. So if the equation doesn't have an x squared, then it is not quadratic.

What is the linear equation of y equals 2x plus 1?

y = 2x + 1 IS a linear equation!

What is Y equals x squared plus 1?

It is the equation of a parabola.

Is -2x squared plus 2x plus 1 equals 9 a quadratic equation?

Yes it is. The thing that makes it a quadratic equation is that "x squared" in there.

Is x squared plus y equals 7 linear?

no you smell

Is y equals 4x plus 7 a linear equation?

Yes, y = 4x + 7 is a linear equation.

What kind of equation is ax plus b equals 0 in?

A linear equation.

Is y equals 5x2 plus 2 a linear equation?

Assuming that the 2 in "5x2" is a power (5x2), then no, this is not a linear equation. It is a parabolic equation.

Is 8t plus 4 equals 76 an equation?

Yes, a linear equation in t.

Is x plus 3xy equals 9 a linear equation?


Is 3xy plus 4y equals 7 a linear equation?

No, it is not.

What is -2x squared plus 3x plus 5 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation.

Is c plus d2 equals 36 linear or nonlinear?

If by d2 you mean d squared then it is non linear

Is 4x plus 2y equals 3 a linear?

Yes, it is a linear straight line equation.

What is y equals 5x plus 2 a linear or quadratic?

It is the linear equation of a straight line.

Where is the center of the circle given by the equation x plus 4 squared plus y plus 6 squared equals 49?


Is 5x plus 6y equals 3x plus 2 a linear equation?

yes it is!