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Q: Is this statement true or false an indirect measurement is used to find distances that cannot be measured directly?
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What is indirect reasoning?

Indirect reasoning is a method of proving a statement by showing that its negation leads to a contradiction or inconsistency. Instead of proving a statement directly, one assumes the negation of the statement and derives a contradiction to demonstrate that the original statement must be true.

What is the difference between direct and indirect measurement in surveying?

Direct measurement involves physically measuring the distance or angles on the ground using tools like a tape measure or theodolite. Indirect measurement, on the other hand, relies on calculations and observations from remote sources, such as GPS satellites or aerial photographs, to determine distances or angles.

What is an indirect measurement of an object's thermal energy?

An indirect measurement of an object's thermal energy can be obtained by measuring its temperature using a thermometer. The temperature of an object is directly related to its thermal energy, as higher temperatures indicate higher thermal energy content.

Is this statement direct or indirect speech - 'He said to me let us have dinner'?

This statement is direct speech because it directly quotes what someone said.

When is the indirect method appropriate and what are the benefits of using it?

Indirect measurement is a technique that uses proportions to find a measurement when direct measurement is not possible.

Why is displacement of water an example of an indirect measurement?

Displacement of water is an indirect measurement because we cannot directly measure the volume of an irregularly shaped object. By measuring the water displaced when the object is submerged, we can indirectly determine the volume of the object based on the volume of water displaced, according to Archimedes' principle.

What is an indirect measure and why are such measures common in software metric works?

Indirect measurement is a measurement that is not obtained from a measurement tool; it is a technique that obtains a measurement when direct measurement is not possible. In software metrics work, indirect measures associate a measure to a feature of the object being measured. An example is basing quality on counting rejects. Indirect measures include functionality, quality, complexity, efficiency, reliability, and maintainability.

Pattern of direct and indirect speech?

definition direct and indirect statement

An indirect measurement of the speed of molecules is?

The temperature.

Temperature is an indirect measurement of?

The speed of molecules.

How are similar triangles useful for indirect measurement?


What is the difference between direct and indirect measurement?

Direct is an exact measurement and indirect is an estimate.