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Integers are rational. In the set of real numbers, every number is either rational or irrational; a number can't be both or neither.

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Q: Is three an irrational number rational number both rational and irrational or neither rational or irrational?
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Is negative 3 a rational number or irrational number?

Negative three is a rational number.

Is three sevenths an irrational number?

No, it is rational.

Is three quarter an irrational number?

No, it is rational.

What is The sum of a ration and an irrational number?

The sum of the three can be rational or irrational.

Can you add three irrational numbers and get a rational number?


Can you multiply three irrational numbers to get a rational number?


Is the square root of three-fourths rational?

No, it is an irrational number.

Is three elevenths rational or irrational?


Is three fifths rational or irrational?


Is four over three irrational?

No because 4/3 is a rational number

Is three a whole number a rational number or an integer?

3 is natural number, a whole number, an integer, a terminating decimal, and a rational number. It is not an irrational number.

Is five and three fourths a irrational number?

No because 5 and 3/4 is a rational number