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Three eights (8+8+8) are equal to 24.

Three eighths ( 3/8 ) are equal to 0.375, which is 12.5% bigger than one third.

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Q: Is three eights equal to one third?
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Is three and one thirds bigger than three and two eighths?

Yes, slightly. Three and one-third is approximately equal to 3.333, while three and two-eights is equal to 3.25.

What is seven eights plus three eights?

Seven eights plus three eights is ten eights. Now, possibly you intended to ask about eighths, rather than eights. Ten eighths is equal to one and a quarter. However, ten eights is equal to 80. The extra h makes a difference.

How many eighths is three twelfths equal to?

Three twelfths is equal to one fourth, which is equal to two eights.

Is one third greater than three eights?

no 3/8 is larger

Is one half equal to three eighths plus one eighth?

Yes. three eights plus one eight equals 4 eights, or one half

What is three subtracted from one and five eights?

one and three-eights

What is seven and two eights times three and one third?

7.25 times 3.33=24.1425

One third is equal to what decimal?

One third is equal to 0.33 decimal. One third is a fraction that is derived at dividing a whole number into three equal parts.

What is bigger 1 third or 3 eights?

Three ninths is one third, and eighths are bigger than ninths. Three eighths is bigger than three ninths. Therefore three eighths is bigger than one third.

What is bigger one forth or three eights?

Three eights. Just convert one fourth to the same denominator which equals two eights.

Three forths pluse five eighths?

Eleven eights, which is one and three eights.

Is three and one eights equivalant to twenty six eights?


How long is three eights of an inch?

One inch is equal to 2.54 centimetres. Three eighths of an inch is equal to 3/8 x 2.54 = 0.9525 centimetres.

What is three eights divided by one fifty equal?

3*8/150 = eight fiftieths or 0.16

What does one half minus three eights equal?

1/2 - 3/8 = 1/8

What is three and three tenths times one third equal?

It is one and one tenth.

What is three eights plus one fourth plus one whole?

one and five eights

What is nine and one third plus two and five eights?

eleven and twenty three over twenty four.

What does one eights plus three eights equals?


What is three eights plus 7 eights?

It is ten eights, or one and two eights or one and a quarter or 1.25 as a decimal.

What is one out of three equal to?

One third or 0.33... (recurring).

What is 3 divided by one third?

3 Divided by one third is equal to three times three, that means the answer is 9.

What is three wholes and one third times three equal?


What is three eights divided by one fifth equal?

(3/8)/(1/5) = 15/8 = 1.875

How do you convert three eights into a decimal?

one eighth equals .125, so 3 eighths equal .375.