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Q: Is three fifths equal to twelve twentieths?
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Related questions

What the lowest term for twelve twentieths?

Three fifths is the lowest equal fraction for twelve twentieths.

What is the real answer to three fifths plus three fourths?

First we need to convert them into like terms. Three fifths is twelve twentieths. Three fourths is fifteen twentieths. Together that is twenty-seven twentieths. That is one and seven twentieths or 1.35 in decimal.

What is another equivalent fraction for six tenths?

Twelve twentieths, three fifths, or sixty one hundredths.

What is three fifths equal to?

Three fifths is equal to six tenths, twelve twentieths or the like. 3/5 = 6/10 = 12/20 It's also equal to 0.6 in decimal form, or 60% if you want a percentage.

12 over 20 as a fraction?

Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its simplest form, 12/20, or twelve twentieths, is equal to 3/5, or three fifths.Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 0.6.

What can 12 over 20 be reduced to?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 4, 12/20, or twelve twentieths, is equal to 3/5, or three fifths.

What is three fifths plus one fourths?

three fifths plus one quarter = 17 twentieths

What is the fractional part of three-fifths of three-fourths?

It is nine twentieths.

What is 52 over 20 as a mixed number?

Two and twelve-twentieths (2 12/20), or two and three-fifths (2 3/5).

What are some equivalent fractions to three fifths?

six tenths, nine fifteenths, twelve twentieths, fifteen twentyfifths, and the list goes on and on. Hope this helped!

What is one-fourth plus three fifths?

1/4 + 3/5 = 17/20 or seventeen twentieths. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 0.85.

What is two fifths plus seven fourths?

2.15 or 2 and three twentieths

What is 4 and three fourths plus 1 and four fifths?

six and eleven twentieths

What is three fifths plus one quarter?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 3/5 + 1/4 is equal to 17/20 or seventeen twentieths.

How do you convert 1 and three fifths into twentyiths?

The 1 part is 20 twentiethsthe 3/5 part is 12 twentiethsAdd them up and you have 32 twentieths or 32/20

Is three sevenths and two fifths equal?

no...three sevenths is equal to 15/35 and two fifths is equal to 14/35.

Name three fraction whos decimal is 0.8?

four fifths, eight tenths, sixteen twentieths

What is 2 fifths plus 3 and one quarter plus 1 half?

four and three twentieths :)

Is three fifths two sixths?

No three fifths is not equal to two sixths

What is three and three fifths plus one and two fifths equal?


What equivalent fraction is equal to nine tenths?

If the whole number is twelve, three fourths? No, nine tenths of twelve would not be a complete fraction. Eighteen twentieths would equal nine tenths, or 90 percent if you're looking for a metric answer.

What is the fraction which has the same value as three and three fifth?

eighteen fifthsthree and six tenthsthree and twelve twentiethsthree and eighteen thirtieththeres a lot more but these are a few

Is three-fifths of 37 not equal to 15?

Yes, it is not equal to 15. Three-fifths (aka 60%) of 37 is 22.2

What is three for fifths plus four three fifths equal?

7 4/5

What is less three-fifth or three-twentieths?

the answer is three-twentieths

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