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no, three halves is 11/2

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โˆ™ 2012-04-21 01:49:29
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Q: Is three halves smaller than 1?
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Is 3 quarters bigger or smaller?

Three quarters is one quarter less than "1" AND three quarters adds up to 75 cents which is 25 cents less than one dollar. So three quarters is both smaller than "1" and smaller than a dollar!

How many halves in 1 -1-2?

Three of them.

What is 1 divided by three halves?


Is three quarters x two thirds greater than or less than 1?

When you take a smaller-than-1 piece of something that's already smaller than 1, the result must be less than 1.

How do you write three halves as a mixed number?

1 1/2

What fraction is smaller than three fourths of an inch?

1/2 of an inch would be smaller than 3/4ths of an inch.

What is smaller than three eighth inch?

2/8 is smaller and 2/8 is 1/4

Is 75 equal to three fourths?

No. 75 is much bigger than 1, three fourths is smaller than 1. But 75% IS equal to 3/4

Is -1 smaller than 1?

-1 is smaller than 1

How many three fourths are in five halves?

five halves = 5/2 = 10/4 3/4 into 10/4 = 3 with 1/4 remaining as 10 = (3x3) + 1

Is three sixths bigger than a half and smaller than three quarters?

3/6 is equal to 1/2 and less than 3/4.

What are three things inaclassroom that are smaller than 1 meter but larger than 50 centimeters?

a violin case

How long is a three quarter sized acoustic guitar?

its smaller than a 1 and bigger than a two quarter

Is three quarters bigger or smaller than one half?

3/4 is bigger than 1/2

Is three kilometers bigger or smaller than 3 miles?

Smaller - 3 kms is only 1 mile and 1520 yards

How do you write three halves as a number?

3 times 1/2 = 1 and a 1/2 or 1.5

What 5 digit number that if put the numeral 1 at the beginning we get a number three times smaller than if you put the numeral 1 at the end of the number?

1 the times smaller!

Is eight tenths greater than three eigths?

eight tenths is greater 1 tenth may be smaller than 1 eighth but there are 8 1 tenths and only 3 1 eighths that amount is smaller than the amount of how many tenths there are

Why is one half smaller than three fifths?

1/2 = 5/10 3/5 = 6/10 5 is smaller than 6

How many halves are there in three halves?

6 duhit's 3.(3/2)/(1/2)=(3/2)(2)=3

How many halves are there in one and a half?

Three of them because 3 times 1/2 = 1 and 1/2

Is one half greater or smaller than three fifths?

One half refers to 0.5 mathematically whereas three fifths refers to 0.6 and hence one half is smaller than three fifths.

What is half plus a half plus a half?

three halves or 3/2 = 1 1/2

How many three-fourths are in five halves?

3 and 1/3 of them.

What is 3 and 1 halves divide by 1 halves?