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No, it is rational.

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Q: Is three sevenths an irrational number?
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What is four and three sevenths equal to?

4+3/7=4.4285714286... Irrational number.

Is the fraction three sevenths an irrational number?

The formal definition of rational numbers is: Any fractionwith whole numbers on top and bottom.

Is five sevenths an irrational number?

No. Since it can be written as 5/7, it is a rational number.

Is three sevenths a whole number?

No, it is not.

What number is three sevenths of 63?


What number is between three eighths and three sevenths?

three sixths

What is three sevenths of a number if it equals 21?


What is three sevenths of fourteen?

three-seventh of a number, increased by fourteen

What is The sum of a ration and an irrational number?

The sum of the three can be rational or irrational.

Is three and a half an irrational number?


Is the square root of nine an irrational number?

The square root of nine is three, and that is not an irrational number.

What does the mixed number 9 and three- sevenths?

The number does nothing. It is merely a mathematical concept.