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But it is equal to twelve twenty eighths.

Twelve twenty eights = 12*28

Twelve twenty eighths = 12/28

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Q: Is three sevenths equal to twelve twenty eights?
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What is five and seven eights multiplied by twelve equal to?

seventy and four eights

What is twelve forty eights equal to?


What is three eights?

Three eights are equal to a value of twenty four when added together. When they are multiplied eight to the third power is equal to 512.

What does twelve minus six and four sevenths equal?

5 and 3/7

Is the fraction nine thirds equal to the fraction twenty one eights?


Is three eights equal to nine twenty-fourths?

Yes, they are equal.

What is eighteen twenty sevenths equal?

18/27 = 2/3, or 0.666666667

What does two thirds minus four sevenths equal?

two twenty-oneths

What is twenty three plus twelve equal?

Twenty three is 23. Twelve is 12. 23 + 12 = 35.

What does six and three sevenths multiplied by twenty-one equal?


What is twelve and one half minus six and five eights equal?


What is 3 over 8 equivalent to?

three over eight is equal to nine twenty fourths , six sixteenths , twelve twenty sevenths and so on. all you do is add or multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number

What does one over seventh plus three twenty ones equal?

Two sevenths. 2/7

What is five six equal to?

Ten twelve; twenty twenty-four; fifty sixty are some examples.

How many eights equal 14?

1.75 eights is equal to 14.

What is five and two thirds minus three and six sevenths equal?

38 over 21 or thirty-eight twenty-firsts

What is six sevenths minus one third equal?

11/21 (eleven over twenty-one)

What does eleven sevenths equal?

1 whole and 4 sevenths

Is 2 and four sevenths equal to eighteen sevenths?


Is three sevenths and two fifths equal?

no...three sevenths is equal to 15/35 and two fifths is equal to 14/35.

The sum of minus twelve and a number is equal to twenty six?

It is: -12+38 = 26

If a-sevenths minus five-sevenths equals six-sevenths what does an equal?

a - 5 is 6. So a is 11

What is three eights as a percent?

Three eights equal to .00375%

What is seven eights plus three eights?

Seven eights plus three eights is ten eights. Now, possibly you intended to ask about eighths, rather than eights. Ten eighths is equal to one and a quarter. However, ten eights is equal to 80. The extra h makes a difference.

What does one twelve equal?

(Do you mean twelveth?) It depends on the number. For example, one twelveth of a twenty-fourth is two because if you multiply two by twelve, you would get twenty four.