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No, seven tenths 7/10 is bigger than three tenths 3/10. If you had a pie cut into ten slices, would you rather have 7 pieces or 3? If you had 7 of those pieces, or 7/10 seven tenths, you'd have more of the pie than 3/10.

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Q: Is three tenths larger than seven tenths?
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Is seven tenths larger than three fifths?


What is larger three fifths or seven tenths?

no bich its 7 not 3

Which is larger three quarters or seven tenths?

7/10 is bigger than 3/4 with the default

Is two fifths larger than three tenths?


Is three tenths larger than four fifthteenths?


Which is larger three fourths or seven tenths?

3/4 is larger than 7/10. 3/4 is the same as 0.75, which is larger than 0.7

Is three tenths larger than one half?

No. Five tenths is equal to one half.

Is three fifths greater than seven tenths?


Is three-fourths of a mile greater than seveen-tenths?

Yes. Three fourths is about 7.13 percent greater than seven tenths.

Is two fifths larger than seven tenths?

no. Convert both of these to decimal form. Two fifths is only .4, it is much smaller than .7, seven tenths.

Was which fraction greater than two fifths three tenths seven tenths two fourths or three sixths?


Is the fraction three sevenths greater than or less than seven tenths?

Less than.

Is seven tenths greater than seventeen twentyeths?

Yes. 7/10 is larger than 17/28.

Which of the fraction is larger three tenths or seven tenths?

7/10 is larger than 3/10. If you had a pie cut into 10 pieces, (which is all the 'tenths' part means, a whole cut into 10 equal parts), and you were really hungry and ate 7/10 (seven slices out of 10) you'd be more full than if you ate 3/10 of the slices, or 3 of the 10.

Is 3.67 greater than or less than 3.7?

3.67 (three and sixty-seven hundredths) is three hundredths (0.03) less than 3.7 (three and seven tenths).

Is three fourths bigger than seven tenths?

Yes. 3/4 is equivalent to 75% whereas 7/10 is equivalent to only 70% Three fourths is 7.143% more than seven tenths. (rounded)

Is seven tenths greater than or less than nine tenths?

Its less than 9 tenths.

What is larger five hundredths or two tenths?

Two tenths is larger. Two tenths is twenty hundredths, 4 times larger than five hundredths.

Is three tenths less than a quarter?

three tenths is more than a quarter

What is the fraction between 0 and 1 that is more than three fourths and less than seven eighths?

seven tenths is one but there is more than that

Is 9 tenths higher than 3 tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than three tenths.

Is three tenths bigger or smaller than seven eighths?

3/10 is smaller than 7/8.

Is three tenths greater than three one hundredths?

Yes three tenths is greater than three hundredths

Is 36.7 greater than or less than 3.67?

36.7 (thirty six and seven tenths) is greater than 3.67 (three and sixty seven hundredths).

Is seven twelves greater than seven tenths?


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