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It is an equation in the form of: 3x+5 = 20 and the value of x works out as 5

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A number is equal to seven decreased by five

A number plus twice the number is equal to three times the number

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Three times a number decreased by fourteen is four

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Q: Is three times a number plus five equals twenty and expression or an equation?
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What number multiplied by six equals twenty four?

Six multiplied by four equals twenty four.

What is an example of a word equation?

Three times twenty five equals seventy five.

What is the algebraic expression for The sum of a number x and twenty-one?


What is the algebraic expression of The sum of a number x and twenty-one?

x + 21

What is 23X2?

Twenty-three times two equals forty-six. It's a multiplication equation.

What is 23 x 2-?

Twenty-three times two equals forty-six. It's a multiplication equation.

How do you find the percent of something?

A percentage is an expression of hundredths of a number. To obtain a percentage, multiply the number by the percentage in hundredths. IE; 20% of 15 = .20 X 15 = 3 twenty percent of 15 equals 3

What is the number Eight less than twice a number is twenty?

The number works out as 14

What is the mixed number for twenty four over eight?

There is no possible mixed number it simply equals 3.

What power of four equals twenty?

2.114742526881128 to the power of four equals twenty.

What is the difference between a number and eight is twenty-two the equation?

Abs(n - 8) = 22

Three times a number plus five equals twenty?


How would you write a phrase that represents the expression 24x 19?

twenty four times a number and add 19

What percent of twenty five equals twenty?

Eighty percent of twenty five is twenty.

What is the radius for a circle with the equation that equals twenty five?

The answer is indeterminate. For example, if the equation is of the form x2 - 2ax + y2 - 2by = 25, all that can be said of the radius of the circle is that it is greater than 5.

What does 28 equals?

28 equals twenty eight

What is the expression to twenty five is four times a number increased by seven?

Let x be the number and so: 25 = 4x+7 and the value of x is 4.5

How do you spell twenty ott nine?

The spelling is "twenty aught nine" or twenty-oh-nine, an expression for the year 2009.

HOW CAN YOU Write as an algebraic equation and solve: Twenty four is three less than one-third of a number.?

SRY THE Q IS HOW CAN YOU WRITE AND SOLVE: Twenty four is three less than one-third of a number.?

How do you write words that match the expression 24-(6 3)?

Six times three equals eighteen. Subtracting twenty-four leaves your sum at negative six.

What is three quarters of 24?

To figure that out you first ask, "What number is three fourths of twenty-four?"Then you have to turn that question into an equation. To do this, you break down the question into parts:What number | is | 3/4 | of | 24In algebraic equations, "is" means "equals" and "of" means "times". So you can insert those into the equation to make it mathematically understandable:What number = 3/4 x 24Then you designate "What number" as N, and you have a proper equation:N = 3/4 x 24Now you multiply on the right side of the equation to getN = 18Now if you return to the sentence, you can replace "What number" with "eighteen":Eighteen is three fourths of twenty-four.

What times five equals one hundred twenty five?

The missing number - is 25.

What is the value of the expression 4.23?

Four and twenty-three hundredths.

Say twenty third in German?

"dreiundzwanzigste" is the correct expression.

What is the verbal expression of 28-m?

Twenty-eight meters.

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