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No, because 24 is not a square number. A square number is, for example, 25. A cubed number is a number like 27. 24 is prime.

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Q: Is twenty-four a square number
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What is a even number but not a square number?

6 is a even number but not a square number. Any number that does not have a whole number as its square root is not a square number.

What is the sum of the 10th square number and the 14th square number?

sum of 14th square number and 10th square number

What is the 12th square number?

What is the 12 square number

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Is the number 40 a square number?

It is a square number but not a perfect square number.

Is the number 6220 a square number?

6220 is not a square number. The nearest number that is a square number would be 6241. A square number is when all the integers are written down, it could represent a square eg. 4 x 4 meaning that 16 is a square number.

How do you check if a number is a perfect square?

For a number to be a perfect square, the number's square root has to be a whole number. 9 is a perfect square because its square root is a whole number, 3. If the square root of the number is a decimal, then it is not a perfect square. For example, 13 does not divide evenly so it not a perfect square.

Is 32 a square number?

No. A square number is a number that is a square of an integer.

Is the square root of a positive number an irrational number?

Sometimes the square root of a positive number can be irrational, as in the square root of 2 (which is a non-perfect square number), but sometimes it is a rational number, as in the square root of 25 (which is a perfect square number).