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no. they are equal

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Q: Is twenty three thirds as a fraction bigger than 7 and two thirds as a fraction?
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What fraction is bigger. Two thirds or three quarters?

three quarters

Which is bigger the fraction two thirds or three fifths?

Two thirds is greater than three fifths.

What is three thiths of twenty?

Three thirds = 3/3 = 1. So three thirds of twenty is twenty.

Is three eighths larger than two thirds?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 3/8, or three eighths, is equal to 0.375.Expressed as a decimal fraction, 2/3, or two thirds, is equal to 0.6 recurring.2/3 is seven twenty-fourths bigger than three eighths.

How do you write three into thirds as an improper fraction explain?

Three thirds is an integer, not a fraction.

What is twenty three thirds as a fraction converted into a mixed number?

23 = 7.6666666666666666666666666666667 __ 3

What are three statements showing what the fraction two thirds mean?

2/3 is bigger than 1/3

Is 86 over 63 okay?

86 / 63 is known as vulgar fraction = one and twenty three sixty thirds, or 1.365

Is the fraction three eighths equal to the fraction eight thirds?


What is an improper fraction for ten thirds?

Ten thirds is an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it would be three and one-third.

Is three fifths bigger five thirds?


Is tree thirds an improper fraction?

No because three thirds = 3/3 = 1

What is an integer minus three times itself equals twenty six thirds?

That has no integer solution. Three times an integer is another integer; if you subtract to integers, you get an integer again, not a fraction.

Are two thirds and three fourths the same?

no two thirds is much smaller on a fraction table

How many thirds are in twenty five over three?


What is twenty three thirds?

It is 23/3 = 72/3

What is two thirds of three hundred twenty-five?


What is nine thirds as a decimal?

It cant be written as a decimal apart from 3.0 which is a whole number. The fraction is basically saying that there are 9 thirds which equals three. Three thirds equals one because three thirds equals a whole.

What is three and two thirds equal to?

Three and two thirds are equal precisely to three and two thirds. Nothing more, nothing less. Or if you want to make it a improper fraction it will be 11/3 or eleven thirds

What is three and two-thirds as an improper fraction?


What fraction is two thirds of three fifth?


What is an improper fraction for three and two thirds?

It is 11/3.

What fraction name for 1 should two-thirds be multiplied to make six-ninths?

three thirds

What is the fraction to three and two thirds divided by one third?

Three and two thirds divided by one third = 11/1 or 11

Is two thirds bigger than three eighths?


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