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Yes 2/3 or two thirds is a fraction.

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Q: Is two thirds a fraction?
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Related questions

What is two -thirds?

a fraction

What is two-thirds in fraction form?

Two thirds is the name of the fraction 2/3.

What fraction is bigger two fourths or two thirds?

Two thirds is bigger.

Which fraction is greater two thirds or two sixths?

2 thirds

What is two-thirds as a fraction?

Two thirds is 2/3.

How do you reduce the fraction two thirds percent to its simplest form?

The fraction two-thirds is already in its simplest form.

What is an equivalent fraction for six an two thirds?

20 thirds

What is twelve and two thirds as an improper fraction?

38 thirds

What is 2 thirds in fraction?

Two thirds=2/3

Is twenty three thirds as a fraction bigger than 7 and two thirds as a fraction?

no. they are equal

What is the numerator of the fraction two thirds?


Can the fraction two thirds be an integer?


What fraction is equivalent to two-thirds?

One fraction equivalent to 2/3 is 4/6

What fraction is bigger 1 half or 2 thirds?

two thirds

Are two thirds and three fourths the same?

no two thirds is much smaller on a fraction table

What the difference between two thirds and four?

two thirds is a fraction and 4 is a whole number

What is two thirds of six pounds in fraction?

Two thirds of six pounds is four pounds !

Which fraction is equivalent to two-thirds?

It is: 2/3 = 4/6

What is the fraction of 24 out of 36?

Two thirds

What the fraction of 66 percent?


What fraction of 15 is 10?

two thirds

How do you make 0.0666666667 into a fraction?

two thirds

Is two thirds a mixed number improper fraction or a proper fraction?

proper fraction

Which is bigger the fraction two thirds or three fifths?

Two thirds is greater than three fifths.

What is a simplified fraction for two thirds?

you can't reduce two thirds. 2 and 3 are both prime

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