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no five sevenths is greater than two thirds

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Q: Is two thirds greater than five sevenths?
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Is 3 sevenths greater than 2 thirds?


Which fraction is greater five-eighths or five-sevenths?

[Five sevenths] is 0.0893 greater than [five eighths]. (rounded)

Is five and five sevenths greater than five and eleven fourteenths?


Is two thirds greater than three sevenths?


Is five sixths greater than two thirds?

no but two thirds is more than five sixth

Is five sevenths greater than one half?


Is five eights greater than sixth sevenths?


Is five sixths greater than or less than two thirds?

It is greater than

Is five sixths bigger than five sevenths or is five sixths smaller than five sevenths?

five sixths is more than five sevenths because i would rather walk most of the walk

What is greater 3 and six sevenths or 3 and 3 five sevenths?

3 and 6/7 is larger than 3 and 5/7.

Is two fifths greater than two sevenths?

Yes two fifths are greater than two sevenths

Which one is greater two fifths or two sevenths?

Two fifths is greater than two sevenths

Is two thirds larger than four sevenths?

Yes .__.

Is two thirds bigger than six sevenths?

no 6/7 is

Which is 0.62 or two thirds greater?

Two thirds is greater than 0.62.

Is five sevenths bigger than four sixths?

Yes. Six sevenths is 88%. Five sixths is 83.4%.

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

Is three fourths greater than six sevenths?


Is 1 fourth greater than 2 sevenths?


Is two fifths greater than four sevenths?


Would 2 thirds be larger than 4 sevenths?

Yes, the answer is 14/21 is greater than 12/12. Those fractions reduced would be the question: 2/3 and 4/7.

Is sevenths greater than fifths?

No, one seventh is smaller than a fifth. It is divided seven times while a fifth is only divided five times.

Is five sevenths greater than nine fourteenths?

Yes. 5/7 = 0.714 and 9/14 = 0.6429. More simply, 5/7 = 10/14 which is greater than 9/14.

Is 1 ninth greater than 2 thirds?

It is less than two thirds.

Is two thirds less than or greater than 0.07?

Two-thirds is .666666666....... (infinite decimal digits) Greater than

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