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Marine Biology is a vast discipline incorporating every aspect of biology but with a marine emphasis, this ranges from ecology (which is heavily statistical) to physiology. So in answer to your question, yes it is used, the need however depends on what path you take.

Vector calculus has proved to be useful while studying marine biology.

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Q: Is vector calculus and differential equations needed for marine biology?
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Who is Dr Ehsan Elahi Valeem?

He is an emerging Marine Scientist of Pakistan. Pakistan has produced a few Ph.Ds. in the field of Marine Biology. He is the 9th Ph.D. of Pakistan in the field of Marine Biology.

What materials are used in marine biology?


How do you use calculus in marine course?

Calculus can be used for many applications for marine purposes. It can be used for calculations of wear, temperature (e.g. using newton's law of cooling ect) or even calculation for control systems or stability of control systems ect.

What math do you need to have to become a marine biologist?

In my old University, to enter Marine Science you need maths at school including some calculus, as well as fairly good science preparation. If you don't have the maths, you could attend a crash course over the summer before you enter, but that isn't really enough to get people prepared for the first year science courses. You need to be ready to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography/Geology at University level and take one more Maths course at Calculus level. If you wanted to enter as a Biology major rather than Marine Science, you could avoid the physics, though you still need biology, chemistry and maths. The disadvantage is that you might be cut out of some geoscience courses about rivers and oceans because of the missing physics. There would still be plenty of biology subjects connected with marine life. Check out the websites of a few colleges or universities that offer Marine Biology or Marine Science. If possible, talk to some actual marine biologists. Remember, though, that things change, and if they graduated 20 years ago the requirements might be very different now. Try contacting faculty members directly in a college/university you might be interested in. People will usually respond to a genuine enquiry, or pass you on to someone who will help. I guess you can afford to be a bit unprepared in one subject, and do extra work in it, but if you are unprepared in more than one, even if you get into the degree, you will crash out pretty quickly. You can't afford to take too many remedial subjects. Finally, if you like maths and are good at it (not all that common among biology students) you are in a good position to do interesting things in ecology, genetics and even mathematical biology (yes, there is a whole discipline combining biology and mathematics).

How many grams of magnesium are in the 1000 g sample of ocean water?

According to Castro & Huber's Marine Biology textbook, there is about 1.3 g of magnesium in 1000g of ocean water.

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Is calculus used in marine biology?

Marine biology is a vast discipline incorporating every aspect of biology but with a marine emphasis, this ranges from ecology (which is heavily statistical) to physiology. So in Is_vector_calculus_and_differential_equations_needed_for_marine_biologyto your question, yes it is used, the need however depends on what path you take.

4. What is marine biology?

Marine biology is the scientific study of the biology of marine life, organisms in the sea.

When did marine biology start?

Marine biology started when it did

What degree does marine biology require?

A degree in marine biology or general biology.

Is marine biology a science?

Yes, marine biology is a specialized division of biology which is the study of life.

What is a Marine Biology Degree Called?

The first degree you would get to become a marine biologist is a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, or a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology. for further degrees you would need to go to graduate school to get your Masters in Marine Biology.

What kind of science is in marine biology?

marine biology is life science

What do you call people who study marine biology?

People who study marine biology are called marine biologists.

Can you get a bachelor's degree in marine biology at Texas A and M University at Galveston?

Galveston is one of the top colleges in the country for Marine Biology which means you CAN get a Bachelor's Degree. One of the best! From their web site:Curriculum in Marine Biology (MARB) The Department of Marine Biology offers these three degree programs: Marine Biology (MARB), Marine Biology License Option (MARB/LO) and Marine Fisheries (MARF).

What is the study of marine creatures called?

You might be thinking of marine zoology, which is a branch of marine biology. It (marine zoology) deals with the "critters" or creatures or animals in the marine environment. Certainly at the very "end" of the scale of marine creatures are living things that might be either animal or plant in nature. We usually see the more general term marine biologist in use to define someone who works in this area, and then a specialty under that umbrella.

What are advancements for a marine biologist?

Biology Supervisor is a great advancement in the marine biology field! :)

When was Montemar Institute of Marine Biology created?

Montemar Institute of Marine Biology was created in 1959.