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ose and modal are two different fabric

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Q: Is viscose and modal is different how?
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Difference between viscose fiber and modal fiber?

Viscose and modal both are semi synthetic fibre, where the modal has more wet strength than viscose and have less shiny than viscose

Is polyester viscose flammable?

Both support combustion and are considered flammable. Polyester and viscose are two different things. Polyester in different forms is used widely and Viscose is a viscous organic liquid used to make rayon and cellophane.

What is wool viscose?

wool viscose

What is viscose Is viscose a type of cotton?


Does viscose fibers crush?

Yes, viscose fibers do in fact crush when pressure is applied to them. The fibers first need to be crushed in order to make different textiles.

Dutch word for Viscose?

It's the same: viscose

Advantages of viscose?

Viscose is a wood cellulose that helps to make many different products. It is cheap to use and very flexible, making it the perfect addition to many products.

How do you wash a viscose rug?

How do I wash a white viscose rug

What is the difference between viscose and rayon?

viscose (also known as viscose rayon) is a group of fabrics and yarns produced by extruding cellulose solution through holes in a spinneret, then coagulating the resulting filaments in an acid (the viscose process). There are several different sort of viscose fibres made by modifying this process, eg crimped, hollow, high tenacity (stronger). So viscose rayon is a particular type of cellulose fibre made using the viscose process, and it's also often called just 'viscose' or just 'rayon', because it's the commonest kind of rayon. Other kinds of rayon are cuprammonium rayon and acetate rayon.

Does viscose absorb water?

no, viscose doesn,t absorb water.

Were does viscose come from?

Viscose is a product derived from the chemical processing of wood.

Can you iron viscose?

Viscose is a very light material that needs to be laundered with care. Yes, you can iron viscose but ensure that the iron is at its lowest setting.

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