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Whenever you are answering volume questions, it's always units cubed (^3).

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Q: Is volume a triangular prism labeled units squared or units cubed?
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Is the surface area of a triangular prism cubed?

Surface area is squared; volume is cubed.

How is surface area labeled?

Surface area is squared. Only volume is cubed.

How do you convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed?

you cannot convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed. the volume is always cubed. the area is squared

Is volume cubed or squared?

volume is always cubed. squared is for a 2D figure.

Is the volume of a rectangular prism squared or cubed?

The volume is cubed and the surface area is squared.

Is the volume of a figure squared or cubed?

It is cubed.

Is the volume of a circular cone cubed or squared?


Is perimeter squared or cubed?

I'm pretty sure that perimeter is squared and volume is cubed.

Is volume squared?

No, volume is cubed. Area is squared, for example, 2cm^2 Volume would be in cubic centimeters, meters, etc.

Are the units of volume cubed or squared why?

Cubed. The reason is that space has three dimensions - and that is basically what we are measuring.

Is mm squared density or volume?

neither - it is area. 1 mm cubed is volume

Why is perimeter squared?

area comes out with squared units of measurement, volume with cubed, perimeter stays to the power of 1.

Is volume squared or cubed?

Cubed; Area is squared. Short version: No, squared is to the second power, cubed to the third. Long version: No- squared is X2 , or x times x. Cubed is X3, or x times x times x. For example: Squared: 22= 2x2= 4 Cubed: 23= 2x2x2= 8 So any 3-D object has to be X3. Area, which is 2-D, is squared.

What is the formula for Volume of rectangular and triangular prism?

for both of them its... volume=length times width time height and its always cubed.

How many feet squared are in one yard cubed?

There is no answer, one is an area the other a volume.

How many centimeters squared are in how many meters cubed?

Centimetres squared is a measure of area. Metres cubed is a measure of volume. If one has X centimetres squared as the area of the base of an object, and the object has a height of Y centimetres then the volume of the object is XY centimetres cubed. 1 metre contains 100 centimetres. 1 metre squared contains 100 x 100 = 10,000 centimetres squared 1 metre cubed contains 100 x 100 x 100 = 1,000,000 centimetres cubed

What happens the surface to volume ratio when the cell becomes larger?

Surface ratio is squared while the volume ratio is cubed.

Why are 2 and 3 are squared and cubed?

2 squared --> 4 2 cubed --> 8 3 squared --> 9 3 cubed --> 27

When asked for volume your answer units should be?

cubed (just like squared, but instead of a 2 its a 3)

What is the volume of Egypt's great pyramid in metres squared?

As metres squared measure AREA and not VOLUME, the question as asked cannot be answered. However, if you want to know its volume in metres CUBED, then it is 2,583,283 m³.

What is the greatest common factor of 15a squared b squared 21a cubed B-Cubed?

3a squared b squared

What is the density of an object with a mass 12 grams and a volume of 2.5 cm cubed?

30cm squared it's the mass times the volume

How do you work out the mass of a cylinder?

Area of cylinder base = pi x Radius squared (πr2) Radius is in centimeters (cm) Area is in centimeters squared (cm2) ---- Volume = Area x Height Area is in centimeters squared (cm2) Height is in centimeters (cm) Volume is in centimeters cubed (cm3) ---- Mass = Volume x Density Density is in grams centimeter cubed (g/cm3) Volume is in centimeters cubed (cm3) Mass is in grams (g)

Factor a cubed plus B-Cubed?

(a+b)(a squared-ab+b squared)

What is the result when pi is squared or cubed?

pi squared is 9.869604401... pi cubed is 31.00627668