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.0 × 0 = 0

Therefore, it is neither, simply nothing.

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Q: Is zero over zero one hundred percent or zero percent?
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What is one hundred eleven over one hundred as a percent?

111/100 = 111%

How do you write one over one hundred as a percent?


Is it possible to have a percent over one hundred?


What is forty over one hundred as a percent?


What is 76.1 percent of 7.1million people?

5,403,100.0 (five million, four hundred three thousand, one hundred, point zero).

How do you write nineteen over one hundred as a percent?


What do you call a number with one hundred zero?

A number with one hundred zero

Twenty percent of one hundred sixty thousand?

32000. Ten percent is 16000 (take of a zero), Twenty is therefore 32000

How do you put it words 100.000?

Hundred point zero zero zero or One hundred point zero zero zero

How do you Convert 1.32 to a percent?

Percent is over one hundred. 1.32 = 132/100 = 132%

What the fraction of 18 percent?

eighteen over one hundred, or nine over fifty

What is sixteen percent of one hundred percent?

Sixteen percent of one hundred percent is: 0.16