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Zero is neither positive or negative.

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Q: Is zero positive integer or negative integer?
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Why does the product of an integer multiplied by itself cannot be negative?

There are just three possible cases: Positive integer: positive x positive = positive. Negative integer: negative x negative = positive. Zero: zero x zero = zero.

Is zero a positive or negative integer?

No. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

An integer is negative positive or?

An integer is any negative or positive whole number, or zero.

Is zero is positive or negative integer?


Can a negative integer and a positive integer have a difference of zero?


Is zero a positive integer?

No, zero is an integer but it is neither a postiive nor a negative integer.

When is the sum of a positive integer and a negative integer zero?

When the absolute value of the positive integer is the same as the absolute value of the negative one.

Is 0 positive integer or negative integer?

Zero counts as neither positive nor negative. It is a neutral integer

What is an integer besides positive and negative?


Is zero the smallest positive integer?

Zero is neither positive nor negative.

Can a negative number be an integer?

A negative number can be an integer. An integer is any positive or negative whole number including zero.

The sum of zero and a negative integer is always sometimes or never zero?

The sum of zero and a negative integer can never be zero - it will always be negative and nonzero. Although zero is also an integer, it is neither negative nor positive and cannot be the other integer used.

When you subtract two fraction the answer is?

It can be a negative or positive fraction, a negative or positive integer, or zero.

What is a non positive integer?

Zero and the negative numbers.

What is the only integer that is not positive or negative?

0 Zero

What is the product of an integer larger than zero and an integer smaller than zero?

positive times negative equals negative

What is a positive integer and what is a negtive integer?

Positive integers are greater than zero. Negative integers are less than zero.

Is negative sixteen an integer?

Yes. "Integer" includes positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero.

Is a negative number is an integer?

Yes, an integer can be positive, negative, or zero. An integer is simply a number without decimals.

Why cant a negative integer be greater than a positive integer?

By definition, a negative integer is any integer less than zero. Similarly, a positive integer is any integer greater than zero. It should be immediately obvious that an integer cannot be both less than and greater than zero. Therefore, a negative integer cannot be greater than a positive integer.

Is zero a negative integers or positive integers?

Neither. It is in between positive and negative but it is still an integer.

Is negative seventeen an integer?

Yes, -17 is an integer. Any number that is a negative or positive whole number or zero is an integer.

What are the characteristics of a negative integer?

A negative integer is a whole number that is smaller than zero. It is the additive inverse of a positive integer.

Is 0 is a positive integer?

No. It is nonnegative. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

Is the integer 40 positive negative or zero?

40 is a positive even number