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Q: It's grammatically correct to write from over one hundreds years?
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Is this grammatically correct Check out this years parade and celebration?


It has been 5 years since you know him. Is this sentence grammatically correct?

No. "I have known him for 5 years." Would be more correct.

Is since last 10 years correct grammatically?

'Since the last ten years...' is correct, but is only part of a sentence.

Is it grammatically correct Though george didn't liked that school he was studying in the same school for ten years?

No that isn't grammatically correct. You should say 'Though George didn't like the school, he studied in the same school for ten years'

It has been 5 years since you knew him. Is this sentence grammatically correct?

It has been 5 years since you knew him.Read more: It_has_been_5_years_since_you_knew_him._Is_this_sentence_grammatically_correct

How do you spell centruries?

The correct spelling of the plural noun is centuries (hundreds of years).

What is the correct way to write New Years' Eve or New Year's Eve?

The correct way is to write New Year's Eve.

Are fossil fuels nonrenewable because they require hundreds of millions of years to form?

Yes, this is correct.

Is this question grammatically correct - A career in a customer service environment where more than 5 years of account management experience can be utilized to add value to operations?

No. It is a sentence fragment.

What is rightly written 20 year warranty or 20 years warranty grammatically?

20-year warranty would be correct: 20-year is a compound adjective applied to warranty.

Is it grammatically correct to say you had known her for five years?

If you use the "had" it implies that you no longer know this person. I had known means I don't know now. I have known means that you may or may not know her now.

What is measured in hundreds?

Years can be measured in hundreds; a hundred years is a century.