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I believe the answer is 89

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Q: It has 8 tens and it is greater than 87 and it is an odd number?
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What is the sum of the digits of an odd tow-digits prime number is 11 the tens digit is greater than the ones digits what is the number?


What is the three digit numbers whose tens digit is an odd number that is greater than 10 and less than 20?

Meaningless question.

What is the mystery number its less than 3500 and greater than 3400 this number is odd and the product of the hundreds and tens place is 2?

No solution.If it's greater than 3400, then its hundreds place must be '4'.Then (4) times (its tens place) = 2. There is no integer that can go in the tens place and make this true.

What is the odd number greater than 90?

It is greater.

What is the secret number if it is greater than 25 and less than 50 and the tens digit is an odd number and the sums of the digits is less than 10?

Could be 31, 33 or 35...

What denominator is an odd number greater than 5 but less than 8?

an odd number greater than 5 but less than 8 = 7

What is the greatest odd number in its tens place?

The greatest odd number in THE tens place is 9.

What is the answer to greater than 9 not a multiple of 10 multiple of 7 its odd its not a multiple of 11 its less than 200 its ones digit is larger than its tens digit is tens digit is odd?

35 and 119.

What is the odd number greater than 123?


A three digit number satisfies the following conditionsthe digits areconsecutivewhole numbersthe sum of the digits is greater than10andlessthan20and the tens digit is an odd numberwhat is the number?

456, because they are consecutive, 4+5+6 is equal to 15, which is smaller than 20 but larger than 10, and 5 (which is in the tens place) is odd. :)

What is the smallest odd number less than 60 but greater than 50?

The smallest odd number greater than 50 is 51.It doesn't matter what it's less than.

Explain why 7654321 plus 5 is a composite number?

The first number is odd, the second is odd. Odd + Odd = Even ie the sum is even. Either number is greater than 2 so their sum is greater than 2. All even numbers greater than 2 are composite.

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