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Still 54 degrees if the 18 degree drop is inside!

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Q: It is 54 degrees outside the temperature drops 18 degrees what will the temperature outside?
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Climate temperature for cuba in December?

The temperature rarely drops below 18 degrees Celsius.

What is the guinea pig outdoor temperature?

if you want to bring your guinea pig outside, it has to be at least 18 degrees Celsius outside.

Which temperature is the coldest 19 degrees 18 or 11?

11 degrees.

What is the freezing temperature of coffee?

The freezing temperature of coffee is -28 degrees Celsius or - 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature is a freezer in degrees celsius?


What temperature is it in Bulgaria?

The temperature in Bulgaria is constant! 18 degrees Celsius!

Is 22 degrees celsius room temperature?

18 to 24 degrees Celsius is possible. There is no fixed room temperature.

What is the average temperature in a tundra?

the average temperature for the Arctic tundra is -18 degrees F (-28 degrees C)

What is the average temperature of Newcastle?

18 degrees C - 27 degrees C

What temperature should your bedroom be?

your bedroom temperature should be 18 19 degrees

What is the highest average temperature in the tundra?

The average temperature is about -18 degrees Fahrenheit

What do you think is a comfortable outdoor temperature?

18 degrees

What is a comfortable workshop temperature?

18 degrees C

What temperature is 18 degrees celsius?

64.4 Fahrenheit

What is Portugal's temperature in October?

Portugal's average temperature in October is 64 degrees Fahrenheit [18 degrees Celsius]. The average minimum temperature is 57 degrees Fahrenheit [14 degrees Celsius]. The average maximum temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit [22 degrees Celsius].

How many degrees would the temperature have to rise from a negative seven degrees Celsius to reach eleven degrees Celsius?

It would have to rise 18 degrees Celsius.

At what temperature does saltwater freeze?

saltwater freezes at 18 degrees dumb idiot. just playing,but yeah its 18 degrees

What temperature is 18 degrees c warmer than -13 degrees c?


What is a 10 degree Celsius fall in temperature equal to?

10 degrees Celsius is equal to a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the average temperature of the Arctic Circle in the day?

18 degrees

How low in temperature should a commercial freezer be?

18 degrees

How many degrees did temperature drop -3 degrees f to -18 degrees f?


If the highest temperature is 18 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest -4 degrees Fahrenheit what is the temperature range?

It is 22 Fahrenheit degrees (NOT 22 degrees Fahrenheit, since this is not a ratio scale).

What is the temperature in Winnepeg?

zero degrees Fahrenheit -18 degrees Centigrade John Rodosevich, P.E.

What temperature should frozen vegetables be stored?

0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius)