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Q: It is the distance of an object travels in the given amount of time?
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When you measure the distance an object travels in a given amount of time you are measuring?


How far an object travels along a given path?


An object travels a given distance at a speed of 5 m s If the object travels the same distance at a higher speed how will the time it takes the object to travel the distance be affected?

It will take less time.

What is the best way to describe wavelength?

the distance a wave travels in a given amount

What can be said about the distance that a freely falling object travels in one second?

With the information given, all that can be said is that the distance is greater than the distance the object traveled in the previous second.

For any given motion displacement is?

Displacement is a word that describes how much distance an object travels through in a given amount of time. If a person drives a car at 50 miles an hour for one hour, the displacement will be 50 miles.

The amount of distance traveled in a given amount of time measures what?

(change in distance) divided by (time interval) = the object's average speed during that time interval.

What is the distance than an object travels ina given time?

speed or velocity = distance/time Speed does not require direction, i.e. it is a scalar quantity. Velocity does require direction, i.e. it is a vector quantity.

How do you find speed if average speed is given?

It is a bit hard to answer your question, as it lacked of a few things: Total Distance or total time, the distance which the speed(answer) is in or the amount of time the person travels with the speed(answer).

What is the amount of matter in a given object?

The amount of matter in an object can be defined by its mass, which is determined by the total number of atoms and molecules it contains. This mass is usually measured in kilograms or grams.

What measure the amount of matter given in a given object?

Its density.

What is the equation used to calculate the distance something travels?

The equation used to calculate the distance something travels is given below . we know, speed = distance /time . distance = speed X time in meters /km /or any other unit of length.