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J. A. Cirez Integrated Technologies (Jacintech) Inc. provides Fire Protection Services (i.e. Inspections, Maintenance & Installation of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression and Emergency Lighting Systems), IT Services (Computer Systems Repairs, Installation, Design & Maintenance) as well as Security Services (Surveillance, Loss Prevention and Access Control Systems Inspections, Installation, Repair & Maintenance) to businesses in the Wood Buffalo Region (Fort McMurray, et. al) and the Oilsands Industry.

They provide customized solutions to augment current Fire Protection, IT Infrastructure and Security strategies. Their Technicians are Factory-Trained, CFAA and CIPS certified, with multi-year experience in the Fire Protection, Information Technology & Security Industries. Based in the Wood Buffalo Region, they are in a better position to offer reliable and continuous service (emergency and otherwise) to local businesses.


Phone: (780)972-4739

Fax : (780)747-6078

email :

Principal: Rhonda Deanne Cirez, Director

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Q: J A Cirez Integrated Technologies
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