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She should find the greatest common number between the numerator and denominator. Then divide by this number.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Jamie wants to be able to find the simplest form for any fraction by using the division rule and dividing only once what should she do?
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Jamie wants to be able to find the simplest form for any fraction using the division rule and dividing only once. What should she do?

find the greatest common number between the numerator and demoninator and divide

How do you check a division problems?

you should multiply the number you are dividing by your answer

Why should the term cell division and mitosis should not be used interchangeably?

Mitosis is the process of cell division and is completed by the cell completely dividing.

How do you turn 0.4 into its simplest form?

Well the answer is 2/5 because of dividing so next time if u need to figure out a decimal to a fraction thing then u should divid thats what my teacher says.

Explain why the terms cell division and mitosis should not be used interchangeably?

Mitosis takes place in the nucleus of a dividing cell. Cell division refers to both nuclear and cytoplasmic division as a whole.

What is 52as a fraction in simplest form?

The simplest fraction you can use to represent the number 52 is 52/1. That's a bit silly though, don't you think? 52 is a whole number and should not need to be represented as a fraction.

What is 0.11111111111 in simplest form in fraction form?

As a repeater,1/10----------------should do.

Why do you turn the fraction upside down and multiply?

Dividing by a fraction is equivalent to multiplying by its reciprocal. A reciprocal fraction is effectively "turning it upside-down". So, to divide by a faction, you should do as stated; turn the fraction upside-down and multiply.

What is 317 as fraction in simplest form?

317 is a whole number. It is in its simplest form. You could have 317/1 but it should be simplified to 317.

How do you turn a fraction into a decimal without using a calculator?

You should be familiar with long division involving decimals

What greatest common factor should be used to reduce the fraction 1470 to its simplest form?


Dividing a whole number by a fraction?

for example x belongs to W a/b is a fraction x divided by a/b is = x X b/a means the whole number should multiply with reciprocal ( Multiplicativeinverse) of such fraction we get the solutiion.

Should All women should take a folic acid supplement?

Yes. One should. Folic acid is necessary for cell division. In case of pregnancy the cells are rapidly dividing inside the womb.

Check for correctness in division math?

ok well here's the thing all u need to do is divide the quotient(the ancwer) multiplied by the divisor(multiplied by the number ur dividing with)it should give u the divident.(divident=the biger number u are dividing) are u doing long division or short? well...i will write both. short division to check ancwer(i will use the subtract sign as the division sign) 10-10=1 so its 1x10=10 long division --100----- < the answer 1 100 again just like the other (short division) multiply the quotient and the divisor (quotient=the answer) (divisor=the number u are dividing with) it should give u the divident.(divident=the bigger number u are dividing with)so... 100 x 1 hope i helped at least a little ! ------- 100

When dividing a heading in an outline it should be divided into?

When dividing a heading in an outline, it should be divided into two or more parts. Dividing means to separate.

What is 13780 divided by one third?

Remember that when dividing by a fraction, what you should do is change the division sign into a multiplication sign AND flip the fraction. So what happens is that this:13780 ÷ 1/3becomes this:13780 x 3/13/1 is just the same thing as 3 so this can quite simply be written as13780 x 3Use a calculator or long multiplication or whatever suits you and you will find that 41340 should be your answer.Hope that helps.Jamz159

What Division problem 2485 and divide 8. In what place should she start dividing?


What is the definition of simplest form?

The general idea is to make an expression as simple as you can. The details vary, depending on the situation. For example, for a fraction, you wouldn't write a final result as 127 / 254, when you can simplify this to 1/2. For square roots, any square factor should be taken out. Also, it is generally agreed that there should be no square roots in the denominator of a fraction.

What is five divided by one third?

1/3 = 0.33333333333 5/0.33333333333 = 15.0000000002

The liabilities division should contain what accounts?

what liabilities division should contain

What is the fraction 8 over 12 put in simplest form?

the simplest form of 8 over 12 would be 2 over 3...easiest way to find out is to divide them they should both have the same answer!

How are multiplication and division of whole numbers related?

Multiplication and division are opposites, therefore by multiplying/dividing, you can use the other one to check your answer. say 2x2=4. if you didnt know that for sure (which you should,) you could go like 4/2=2. that means they are related

What does cancer do to the cell cycle?

The cell cycle is a well regulated system for normal division of cells over a period of a lifetime (genetically predetermined). When a cell is finished dividing normally, it should enter a certain phase. Cancer cells never enter that phase, and they keep dividing, multiplying uncontrolled.

What is the major division?

the answer is that we should use division to divide statistics

What is 10.4 as a mixed number in simplest form?

10 2 __ 5 This is the fraction 10 and 2 fifths. I just can't make the fraction on my computer. The 2 fifths should be next to the ten, but formatted my answer wierd.