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Q: Jan and her sister have a combined age of 20 years Jan is 4 years older than her sister How old is Jan?
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Was Albert Einstein's sister older than him?

No. Albert was about 3 years older than his sister.

How much more older is Mozart's sister than he is?

Mozart's sister was five years older than he was.

How old is David Tenant sister and brother?

David Tennant's sister is eight years older than him, and his brother is six years older than him.

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Yes. My sister is 2 years older than me. Your sister is two years older than you. Comparative adjectives - older - are used with than. Bigger than, smaller than. tighter than. Or if the adjective has more than 2 syllables say: more exciting than, more interesting than, more expensive than

Does Benedict Cumberbatch have a sister?

He has a half-sister about ten years older than he.

Is Robert pattinson older than his sister lizzy?

Yes she is 3 years older than Rob

Did John Dalton have any brothers?

he had a brother who was seven years older than him and a sister, Mary who was two years older than him

Is Sarah Abe's sister older than Abe?

Yes. She is older by 2 years

How much older are Nikola's sister then Nikola Tesla's?

Milka was 4 years older and Angelina was 6 years older than him.

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No, she is not. Derek Jeter's sister Sharlee is five years younger than him.

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