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Six more hours.

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6 hours

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Q: Janna has driven 200 miles If she averages 50 miles per hour how many more hours must she drive before she has driven a total of 500 miles?
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Does Oprah Winfrey Drive?

She has driven before but usually she takes a limo

What is the present tense of driven?

Drive/drives is the present tense.I driveWe driveYou driveHe/she drivesThey driveDriven is the past participle.

Is a 1997 maxima chain driven?

No it is driven by a drive shaft. The cam is driven by a chain.

What are three forms of drive?

Drive - Drove - Driven

What is the present perfect tense of 'drive'?

infinitive: drivepast: drovepast participle: drivenPresent Perfecthave/has + past participle

What is the past participle of drive?

'Driven' is the past participle of 'Drive'.

What the difference between a driving gear and a driven gear?

The "driving" or drive gear is the source of power or rotation. The driven gear is turned or moved by the drive gear. Example: The pulley on a motor is the drive pulley and a pulley on a pump is the driven pulley. Example: The pinion gear in a differential is the drive gear and the ring is the driven gear.

What is the present infinitive for drive?


What are examples of present past and past participles?

I am driving. ==> Driving is the present participle of drive. I have driven. ==> Driven is the past participle of drive.

What runs the oil pump on a 5.9 liter?

The oil pump is driven by the distributor drive gear on a V8.The oil pump is driven by the distributor drive gear on a V8.

What is the future perfect tense of 'drive'?

The future perfect tense of to drive is will have driven.

How do you form the verb in the present perfect tense?

The present perfect is created with have/has + a past participle. Take the verb drive, for example. The past participle is driven.I have drivenWe have drivenYou have drivenHe/she has drivenThey have driven

If you drive ninety km in an hr how many miles have you driven?

You have driven 55.9234 miles.

How many miles can you drive before changing your oil?

You can safely drive any car 3,000 miles before changing the oil/filter if it is driven normally. I drive normally and change my oil/filter every 5,000 miles. Follow your owner's manual recommendation.

What are the tenses of drive?

Future - Will drive Present - Drive, Drives, Driving Past - Driven, Drove

How does the gear drive differ from the chain drive in regard to direction of rotation of the wheels?

With a chain drive the driven wheel will always rotate in the same direction as the drive wheel, but in a gear drive the direction of rotation will change between drive wheel and driven wheel.

What is future perfect tense of to drive?

will have driven.

What is the present perfect form of drive?

Have/has driven.

Can you drive a petrol driven car on the moon?


What is the past tense of driven?

Driven is the past participle of drive. The simple past tense is drove.

Are classic cars allowed to be driven before the sun goes down?

Why on earth not? Cars are cars - if they are street-legal, the sun has nothing to do with when you can drive them.

Is driven an adjective?

It can be, to mean inspired, enthusiastic (a driven competitor). Driven is the past tense and past participle of the verb to drive, and can be a verb or adjective.

What turns the Distributor on a 1992 Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6?

The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.

What is the past and the past participle form of drive?

Drove and driven He drove to the supermarket yesterday. They have driven to the beach.

What is the past participle for drive?

The past participle is driven.